Simple Ways to Beautify Your Patio for Less

Published November 12th, 2012 by admin

Do you ever look out the window at your patio and think, “I oughta do something different”? Well, you’re not alone. According to a July 2012 New York Times article, more and more homeowners are creating outdoor rooms in order to make the most of their properties and connect more with nature. As seasons and tastes change, it may be time to redo your patio look, and there are several ways to revitalize your outdoor living space without breaking the bank.
If your patio is full of junk, clear it off to make a clean slate (you’ll feel better afterward, promise), and take a survey of what needs to be done.

Revamp Your Furniture

Whether you have few pieces of furniture, broken furniture, or none at all, you have some options to choose from. With a bit of creativity and an afternoon or two, you can refurbish your existing furniture to make an inviting outdoor living space.
If your metal or wood furniture is still serviceable but just needs a little bit of freshening up, it can be sanded, refinished, and repainted to add color and vibrancy to your outdoor room. Perhaps the structure of your furniture is sound, but the cushions are ripped or discolored, the slings sag, or the vinyl is broken. Instead of going out and buying new furniture, you can order new patio cushions and vinyl to give your old furniture a new look. Sometimes, though, your old furniture is beyond help. If those broken plastic chairs just won’t do, take a look around your house before heading off to the store—some interior furniture can be repurposed for outside, like so:

Old set of drawers re-purposed as a planter:


Wood furniture painted with outdoor paint. Marine varnish also does the job of weatherproofing furniture quite nicely:


Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can make your own furniture from wooden pallets:


Apparently there have been some concerns about durability and splinters, so you may want to do some research before diving into this project. What else do you have lying around that could be made into stylish and comfortable patio furniture?

Add Awesome Accessories

Colorful accessories, bought on the cheap from dollar stores, thrift stores, or sales, are an easy way to add color and character to your patio. These include
• Vases
• candles
• colorful pillows (you can re-cover old ones with water-resistant fabric)
• bright tablecloths
• wreaths
• windchimes
• bird feeders
• potted plants
Be on the lookout for treasures that match your color scheme when you are out and about.

Liven up with Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be expensive…really expensive. Still have some white Christmas lights around? Hang them up across your patio for a soft ambience. You can also look at thrift stores for old lanterns to put candles in or other patio décor. Paper lanterns are also a fun way to add to the atmosphere, though they may not be suitable for all weather. You can also try a more crafty approach to outdoor lighting, such as mason jar and tin can lanterns. Check out these projects and more in this list of do-it-yourself lighting projects at

If it’s time to give new life to your patio, you can do it without seriously denting your budget. Upscale your outdoor room by using your resources and thinking a little outside the box.

Terry Potter is currently Customer Service Manager at Duralife LLC., an online retailer based in Florida. He enjoys helping people make their outdoor spaces more comfortable and fashionable with new patio furniture pads through their website,

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Clearance Sale on Outdoor Water Fountains

Published October 11th, 2012 by Kristina

For many of us fall is here and temperatures are getting colder by the day, however, if you are in a warmer climate and still have the weather to allow you use your outdoor fountains or get to keep yours out all year round this is a great sale for you!

At you will find many clearance fountains for outdoors.  Some customer favorites are even on sale and sure to accent your patio or landscaping to a “T”!

The 4-Tier White Fountain with Fruit Top is perfect for an area filled with flowers, the light color will make the flowers pop and stand out even more and at 52” tall it will truly be a focal point of any lawn or garden.  The fiberglass construction makes it easy to move and disassemble if you do live in colder climates and need to take it in for the winter.  Very easy set up, simply twist it together, fill it up, plug it in and start enjoying the water sounds.  The birds will love it too!  This fountain is on sale for $399 delivered and ships the same day you order.

This is just one example of the discounted water fountains found right now at Serenity Health.  There are over 50 fountains including solar fountains, garden wall fountains, rock style and tiered styles available at great prices.  Shop the large selection of discount water fountains today, perfect for gift giving a well as your own enjoyment.

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Introducing a New Line of Gas Fire Pits

Published October 10th, 2012 by Kristina

Artistic fire pits and firebowls have been growing in popularity and is pleased to offer these latest additions.  When you look at these unique pieces you will be amazed at the detail and work that goes in to each and every one.  You will find that with most of these hand crafted firepits that you have the option of woodburning or converting them to gas, natural gas or propane.

See some of the new unique styles from below, here are some of the key features:

  • Made with quality ¼” American steel with a rust patina finish
  • Made in the USA
  • Rain drain at the bottom of the bowl
  • Unique designs
  • Large firebowls
  • Can be converted to natural gas or propane

If you are interested in a gas or propane model when you order the gas version (as opposed to wood burning) it will come with the appropriate sized stainless steel burner with ½” steel piping and hub set up for natural gas use as well as a pan for the burner to rest on.  There is a small up charge to include the air mixer if you wish to use propane but that is also an option.

A few of the unique designs I found with our new fire pits are the Up North Fire Pit, Tree of Life, Solar Flare, Ivy Garden and more.  Be sure to browse all artistic fire pits to find your favorite.

Up North Fire PitTree of Life Fire PitIvy Garden Fire BowlHidden Angel Fire Pit

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Solar Powered Garden Fountains

Published October 4th, 2012 by Kristina

Water fountains are available in different varieties, of them solar water fountains play a large role. In today’s environment when power consumption is more costly and its scarcity is increasing the thought of solar really appeals to people.   As the name implies solar fountains draw their source from the sun. By choosing a solar water fountain over a standard traditional fountain you can save money on the fountain price and the energy bill. Solar powered fountains run on free energy generated by the sun. In some models, the solar panel stores the energy absorbed from the sun in a battery for continued usage during, day and night. Solar water fountains are not only environmentally friendly, but also add elegance and luxury to the outdoor or garden area you place them.

Setting up a solar fountain is very easy. The only thing you have to do is find a sunny place for the solar panel.  Solar water fountains come in many types.

Types of solar water fountains:

  • Ceramic solar water fountains
  • Two tier solar water fountains
  • Solar birdbaths
  • Pond solar fountains

Ceramic solar water fountain last for a long time provided they are cared for. In two tier solar water fountain a powerful solar panel is located at the top of the pump for optimum water pump 2-Tier Solar on Demand Fountainperformance. The soothing sound and the bubbling water attract birds. The Terracotta Cascade solar fountain can be used outdoors without any electricity with the solar panel and solar pump technology. Power is supplied to the fountain from natural outdoor sun and light. Pond solar fountains are used individually or used with water garden. They contain a separate solar panel along with a separate solar head that jets water into the air. Flowers and leaves add beauty to our garden. But a garden is incomplete without butterflies and birds. Solar water fountains can attract birds and butterflies with the beautiful moving water.

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3 Tabletop Fountains for an Eclectic Interior Style

Published October 2nd, 2012 by Claire

I think “Eclectic” is one of the most fun room styles to have. It encompasses a hodgepodge of period furnishings, giving your creative tastes a wide variety of options. The color scheme includes my three favorite colors: gold, brown, and red. A very rich palette, the room fabrics include patterns, trims, fringe, and velvet textures. Lustrous bronze lamps, gold trim mirrors, red velvet loveseats, and tasseled floor rugs define an eclectic room. The overall effect is majestic. This is my favorite interior decorating style hands down.

So, for those eclectic fans who are looking to accent their room with a soothing fountain, here are three table top fountains which will complement the room flawlessly.

Boulder Crystal Tabletop Water Fountain

With dark slate stair step design, the base comes either in a flamed copper finish or deep mocha brown–either of these hues fit the eclectic palette perfectly. Water bubbles up from the top and cascades down each level creating a soft, flowing water sound. Handcrafted in the United States and fitted with a quiet, recirculating electric pump, this is a bold complement to your room.

Red Ceramic Tabletop Fountain

Embodying the vibrant red hues of the room, the ceramic design makes the surface smooth and glossy. In scrolling font, the mantra “Live, Laugh, Love” is imprinted in the face of the fountain. Fashioned in a vase style, the soothing water sounds are amplified in a room, giving you peace of mind.

Garden Leaves Table Fountain

This fountain captures the golden, lustrous highlights of an eclectic room. The leaves are formed from a faux copper material, ensuring that shiny glow for a long time, and the light, earthy poly-resin basin serves to accentuate the copper leaves. In a pretty uniform style, this fountain will fit with innumerable period furnishings, and with the timeless golden autumn design, the tabletop fountain will continue to adorn your room even if in the future you decided to change to a Contemporary or Asian styled room.


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