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About our Water Fountains and Relaxation Blog

At Serenity Health our goal is to bring more relaxation into your life, help reduce stress by introducing you to these beautiful products and add beauty and comfort to your home or office. We aim to be your one stop information guide and shopping spot for water fountains, bean bags, natural alarm clocks, aromatherapy and many more relaxation products.

Water Fountains not only add beauty to your home and are a unique focal point for your décor, they have health benefits as well. Water Fountains act as a natural humidifier and can be used to meditate and relax. Water fountains can also help you create your Feng Shui environment. Effective room design with Feng Shui principles in place can help to improve the mood of the room and increase relaxation. A home and all the rooms within it should promote peace and comfort. A wall fountain or floor standing fountain can revamp any room in your home and will bring many years of joy.

A common theme about all the topics in our blog is relaxation. You will notice that whether it is a relaxing water fountain, a comfy bean bag, nature sound alarm clock, aromatherapy, firepots or a hammock, all of these products will help you sit back and take time for you in this busy world.

We invite you to read all the helpful information here about our products, view our Blog posts about water fountains, check out Serenityhealth.com or become registered as a member and join in on the conversations about Relaxation and Water Fountains. Our water fountains and relaxation blog has many tips about water fountain maintenance and ideas for saving energy while using fountains. Read about latest ideas for garden decorating and water fountain trends including solar fountains and custom fountains.

We are excited to share our new website with you as well.  In May 2008 we launched a new water fountains website called Waterfountainplace.com.  This online water fountain shopping site has any type of water fountain you need, from wall fountains, tabletop fountains, outdoor and garden fountains, even custom water fountains.  We invite you to visit the Water Fountain Place today and sign up for our free fountain drawing and check out all the beautiful fountains.

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Serenity Health is devoted to nurturing the home and garden and personal care. Our relaxation products and quality water fountains are all designed to provide a sense of peace and contentment in a very busy world. We enjoy being a resource for people to improve their well being.