Artistic Fire Pit – The Wow Effect of your Outdoor Space

If you are more into the unconventional and artistic ways of looking at life, you probably want this way of living implemented in everything you do. Home decoration is just one more place to express this lifestyle of yours. When I redecorated my inside and outside living area I wanted to truly show my artistic expression so that it will wow everyone who visits. I was amazed by several artistic fire pits a saw and I wanted to share them with all of you that have this passion for stunning art and style.

Full Moon Party Fire Dome Fire Pit

This artistic fire pit is type of a wood burning fire pit with a wrought iron base and a hammered with hand copper finish. I love the full moon party creative design of the fire dome making the fire pit look unique and stylish. The complete set, which also includes a spark screen, is 31 inches high and is 26 inches in diameter.

Orion Fire Dome Fire Pit

The Orion Fire Dome artistic fire pit is another interesting piece that will also astonish all of your guests, making your outdoor area much better looking than with any other conventional fire pit. The materials used in its construction are the same as for the Full Moon Party Fire Dome firepit and it is the same size as this one. The difference is in the design of the dome itself. Here the producers

Third Rock Art Firepit

played with stars and fire balls when expressing their artistic view.

Third Rock Fire Pit

If you are looking for an artistic fire pit of the highest quality and built to last, you can stop your search here. The Third Rock fire pit is one very unique piece that is hand crafted by order using heavy duty 0.25 inches thick mild carbon steel, covered with an iron oxide finish, resistant to high temperatures, and with a 1 to 1.5 inches rain drain. These features make this fire pit completely maintenance free in all weather conditions. I personally love how it looks when the fire burns. Its design reminds on the planet Earth and when the fire is burning it appears as the Earth itself is on fire. This artistic fire pit is a little bit larger, 40 inches high and 36 inches in diameter.

These stunnign fire pits are a must see!  Shop artisitc firepits now and choose from gas or woodburning options.

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