Create a Relaxing Atmosphere with a Custom Water Fountain

Fountains add a relaxing atmosphere to any space both at home, office or any business. In today’s times of smart phones, tablets, email and Facebook people are always connected so it can be a very stressful and not so relaxing time.  A time we have to really work hard to relax and learn how to relieve stress.  You will be amazed at how the sounds of a water fountain can instantly calm the nerves and relax the mind and body and truly making you not want to do much of anything except your much needed relaxation!  Businesses with waiting areas or professions that see clients and patients on site are also looking for ways to make a customer feel calm, welcome and instantly not want to leave!  What better way to do this than invest in a water fountain?

It does not have to be a large fountain as there are smaller wall hanging models as well as some very attractive tabletop fountain styles that are sure to get noticed and will truly be pleasing to the eye.  Although, you can go big and go custom with a company logo and all if you wish.  If you want to impress and have a noticeable art piece a custom fountain may be the choice for you.  Not only will it do all the above for your clients, it will also advertise for you and get people talking.  Depending on the space you have you can do floor standing models or wall fountains that virtually take up no space.  There are many stock sizes of each or you can go with a custom size if you have a niche area you are looking to fill.

At we look forward to working with you to find the perfect water feature for home or office.  Don’t hesitate, call us today or start by browsing some custom fountains samples.

A Custom Fountain for your Home or Office

Are you thinking about purchasing an indoor water fountain for your home?  There are many indoor fountains available online and in brick and mortar stores. With so many to choose you may find just what you are looking for with the various stock models but if you are looking fro something unique or very large or even a very specific size for a niche space you may want to consider the options available in a custom fountain.  Custom water features can allow you to get exactly what you want, rather than settling for whatever you can find on the shelf.

This allows you to choose options like the exact size and material you are looking for in a fountain. You should examine the area in your home and decide the type of fountain and how large you want it to be. You could consider floor fountains, wall fountains, or tabletop fountains. Then measure the area and decide how large a fountain would look best in the space. Your personal preferences also come into play. Do you want a larger floor fountain, something that mounts on the wall, or a small fountain?

There are also many different types to choose from. If you’re looking for a wall fountain, you should think about what kinds of materials would look good in the space.  Steel and copper are very common frame materials and glass or slate, very popular face materials.  Custom fountains can be found in all different sizes and colors, and some look like natural stone. Others may have water running down a glass surface. Some have etched glass or artwork on the front glass or behind the running water.

If you have a bit less space, you might want to consider getting a tabletop waterfall, instead. This allows you to enjoy the advantages of having an indoor fountain without needing a large space to put it in. These can fit right on a desk, end table, or mantle. They still allow you to enjoy the beauty and the soothing sounds of an indoor waterfall, but they are smaller and many are priced very affordably.  Click here to see some custom fountain samples and fill out our quote form to get an idea of what your future fountain may cost.

Indoor Water Fountains Becoming Common in Offices And Hospitals

Let me tell you how a custom fountain changed my life. Anyone who has ever worked in a fast-paced office building knows the meaning of the words “state of confusion.” Elevators are always packed to capacity and there are too many people running about in a chaotic yet controlled frenzy as they try to cope with crazy schedules. Just watching them can leave you drained.

Being somewhat overwhelmed and hoping to find a more peaceful place in the middle of this rat race, I looked for a temporary shelter in the lobby. As I sat there, waiting for the world to slow down, I began to notice the sound of a nearby waterfall. I could hear the soothing water as it cascaded gently down from an inside water fountain. I finally found a place in this unstable environment where the stress of the day seems to melt away, leaving in its stead and aura of contentment and peace.

  • Many professional buildings are adding an indoor fountain to their lobbies. They come in a variety of materials and add a touch of the beauty and tranquility to the office buildings that overwhelmed workers seek out.
  • Visitors also appreciate the beauty that floor fountains provide. It adds a bit of class to the lobby and is often the focal point. It is the one thing that they will remember about their day.
  • Studies show that if you give office workers a tranquil place to go during a hectic day at the office, like a beautiful indoor water fountain, they use less sick days and are more productive.

Water fountains for your home are rapidly becoming the highlight of commercial architecture from Hotels to Office Buildings. Over the last few years, the medical industry has also begun creating elaborate in-house fountains to grace their lobbies and hallways. Outside gardens are very appealing as they proudly display large outdoor water fountains for the benefit of guests. Many of these courtyard gardens are designed so they can be seen from the patient’s rooms lending a calming effect.

Wall Fountains in Imaginative Designs

If you’re looking for interesting options to beautify home interiors, here’s an excellent idea. Use water fountains anywhere in your living spaces and you’ll be impressed with the elegance and style they offer. People install water fountains in their homes for a more pleasant look and serene environment. Earlier space becomes the primary concern before planning or installing water fountains. With the invention of wall fountains, space is no more an important factor for placing fountains since this can be conveniently hung anywhere upon your needs.

Wall fountains come in creative designs with the manufacturing materials varying from copper, plastic, slate and stainless metals. These are sought after now only for their beauty but they are also simple to install and generally low maintenance. Offices and businesses use wall fountains not only as an attractive décor but a promotional item for attracting clients. Even if offices have small space, it’s easy to install a wall fountain with imaginative designs. It’s also possible to engrave the company logo or emblem in a wall fountain for a more attractive appearance.

Water fountains are the inexpensive way of beautifying homes since this can be easily set anywhere in your living rooms or outdoor spaces. The quiet atmosphere offered by wall fountains relaxes your mind and makes you free from stress and work tensions.

Online shops list out commercial fountains in fantastic designs which can be easily afforded by ordering online. Browse through various fascinating fountain designs and choose the right one matching your requirements and financial budget. Have a look at the creative fountain designs at cheap possible prices with the help of online shopping sites and fountain shops. Whether in office or at home, feel the magical ambiance of nature by installing custom water fountains.

Wall Waterfalls for One and All

An indoor water fountain is a great way to bring the soothing sound of running water into your home. Hanging artwork is a great way to give your home a stylish look that is uniquely your own. With a wall waterfall fountain, you can combine the two for the ultimate in fashionable and relaxing décor.

Wall-mounted indoor water fountains are available in a wide array of sizes and styles. You can find them made with natural stone accents, decorative metals, even glass or mirrors. No matter how you’ve decorated your home, you’re sure to find a wall waterfall that will complement its style perfectly. Or, if you’d prefer to make you wall fountain more of a focal point of your décor, instead of an accent piece, there are many varieties available that are works of art in and of themselves. Any wall-mounted fountain will deliver calming water sounds to help relieve stress and bring a sense of peace to your home, but fashionable, high art wall waterfalls up the ante by being pleasing to the eye as well as the ear. An art wall fountain is a marvelous marriage of style and substance.

Wall waterfalls aren’t just for the home, however. Any workplace or office setting can benefit greatly from the addition of a wall-mounted indoor water fountain. Employees will enjoy the relaxing, bubbling sounds the fountain creates, and clients and customers will find that they mysteriously enjoy every second in the waiting room or lobby. And, you can even get a custom-engraved wall fountain with your company logo on its face. It’ll add a touch of class to your meeting room or reception area, and its gentle, natural water sounds will impart a feeling of calm to even the busiest workplace.

With the right wall waterfall, you can give your home or office an outstanding, stylish look and the soothing sounds of flowing water to help you find calm. Some are simple and elegant, some are artsy and distinctive; some are easy to mount on your wall for use, others may require considerable assistance. Every wall waterfall fountain will turn the room it’s in into a unique space like no other.