The Truth about Bean Bag Furniture

What to Consider when Buying Kids Bean Bag Chair?

Buying any type of furniture for kids’ room can be very hard and this also applies for buying kids bean bag chairs. There are many various options available, considering their size, shape, design, and you cannot be sure that you will choose the one that your kids would choose. But there are things that you, as a parent, must consider before buying and your kids cannot be aware of the importance of those elements.

One of these things is the size and where the kids’ bean bag chair will be placed. When talking about the kids bean bag chair size, you should consider bigger bean bag furniture if you have more than one child, or one smaller for each child. This is important so that you will have peace in your house. Kids love bean bag chairs and there will be quarrels if there is not enough space for them to play together. The position of the kids’ bean bag chair in the house is also important. Depending on this decision you will later have to choose adequate color and design to suit the interior of that room.

The fabric from which the kids’ bean bag chair is made of is also an important decision. Kids are often clumsy and they can easily damage the kids’ bean bag chair with drinks, chips or other greasy food, or tear it apart. This is why it is crucial to buy bean bag chair that is made of strong and durable waterproof fabric. Colorful designs are winning option, not only because kids love them, but also because the stains are not as visible as if the bean bag chair is one colored. You can also consider kids bean bag chairs with applications from their favorite cartoon characters or sport team. You won’t miss with this, and your children will use them for many years.

Bean Bag Chairs: Perfect Seating and Space Saving Furniture for the College Student

Time to start thinking about back to school already!  If you are a college student or parent of one you are probably starting your list of what needs to be purchased for the dorm room or new apartment. Typical dorm rooms and first time apartments don’t have much space so space saving seating is a must!

Bean bag chairs can be the perfect solution to college seating and they are comfy to boot!  Bean bags can be used as a game chair, seat to watch TV, do homework or study as well as take the place of a chair and it will take up much less room.

You will find many options online, most of them will be a much higher quality than those that you find at the local discount retail store.  Typically the fill is what makes the bag.  A hard bead fill that you find in cheap bean bags will not be at all comfortable and will go flat in weeks or months.  If you go with a more high quality bean bag filler you will find the bean bag can be as comfy as a typical recliner and will stay full for a long time.  There are many options of bean bag filler.  Find fills like foam, shredded foam, soft beads and recycled beads.  All offer different price ranges and will help create your very own chair.

It’s Not too Early to Buy your Bean Bag Chairs

Yes , it is only the 3rd week of September and Holiday shopping is probably the last thing on your mind but it truly isn’t too early to start thinking about gift ideas.  Especially when it comes to considering gifting the comfort of bean bag chairs this year.  Whether kids, teens, college students or adults, bean bags are loved by all and make a great gift idea for birthdays and holidays.

As the holidays get closer and people scramble to order things online the wait for bean bag chairs often gets longer and the cut off times to order for holiday delivery get longer.  The main issue that customers run in to is the rush to get a bean bag chair monogrammed and delivered by Christmas.  Getting a bean bag personalized for a child is a great idea and makes the gift extra special, but it can often be up to a 4 week lead time plus shipping time.

Our most popular bean bag for kids is the Bean Bag Basic and does offer a monogramming option but it can take 4 weeks plus a week transit time, so, whey not order now and have the stress off your shoulders of not only getting a gift purchased early but it will be delivered in plenty of time to go under the tree?

Sure, you can opt for discount retail store bean bags but typically that is just what you get, a discount bean bag that will go flat in no time.  Before you purchase, check out the large selection of quality bean bag chairs at and you will truly have a bean bag chair that will last years, not months.

Bean Bag Chairs can be Personalized!

If you have kids of any age, you understand the need for durable, comfy, fun furniture!  Whether it is for down time, reading, the game room or just to have their very own seat, you will find that bean bag furniture can do the trick!

Your kids probably have enough toys, games and the like that you are always trying to figure something unique, fun and exciting out when it comes to holiday gifts.  A personalized bean bag chair might be just the ticket.  Not only will your teardrop-bean-bag.jpgchild, toddler up to teens, love their very own chair, they can use it in the bedroom, to watch a movie, play video games or for quiet time and they can’t hurt it!  Most bean bag chairs have an outer cover or liner allowing you to toss the cover right in the wash, those that don’t have a liner can be spot cleaned.  With the many possibilities of monogrammed bean bag chairs,  your child will feel extra special when they open their huge box with their new furniture inside!

Personalized bean bags should be ordered before the end of November to ensure delivery for the holiday season.  Browse all mongrammed bean bags now, if you don’t want to personalize it there are even more bean bag chairs available to choose including foam furniture.

Kick Back with a Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs and foam furniture are very popular and continue to amaze with new styles, sizes and fabrics year over year.  The fabrics have become so durable and available in so many colors that consumers are getting bean bag chairs for many rooms in their homes.

Child’s bean bag chairs have always been popular in bedrooms and game rooms and even to kick back to a good movie.  You can find kid’s bean bags with very high quality beads or a mix of beads and foam, both will last many years.  The key is getting a bean bag that will allow your child to grow into it so you don’t have a limited time with it.

Foam furniture and adult bean bags have evolved greatly since the 60′s!  They are now viewed as an acceptable piece of 5 Foot Loungerfurniture in any room.  With materials such as microfiber, suede and soft cotton you can find foam furniture that will blend right in to your living spaces.  A 5 foot foam sphere will work perfect for a game room where a 6 foot long lounger will be the perfect accent to the living room. Whether you use it for those lazy football Sundays or just for extra seating at parties, your foam loungers and large bean bag chairs are sure to make a statement.

At you will find a full selection of child’s bean bag chairs, large bean bags and many foam furniture pieces.  All on sale now and most with free shipping.  Get a quality bean bag today for your home or gift one this holiday season.