Water Fountains for Health and Wellness?

Companies and individuals are always trying to find ways to better their mental well being whether it be with a healthier lifestyle, more exercise, quitting smoking, more peaceful sleep, less stress etc.  More and more we are seeing companies come up with wellness programs and individuals seeking ways they can incorporate a healthier style of living at home.  Stress plays a very large part in negating a healthy lifestyle.  If your goal is to eat healthier or quit smoking for example, being stressed can lead to overeating or smoking more, thus not allowing you to accomplish your goals.  There are some natural ways to reduce stress and get to the bottom of learning how to let it go and relax so you can accomplish your health and wellness goals both at work and  home.

Think about how you unwind and relieve stress each day.  Do you listen to soft relaxation music?  Or may be you go for a walk and listen to the birds or the river?  What about relaxing with a book or even simply taking deep breaths and practicing your breathing?   The sounds of nature will make almost anyone relax.  One idea that has proven to help relieve stress and relax is the sound of flowing water.  Now, if only we could al bring out desks, computers, meetings etc to a river’s edge so we can listen to the soft sound of flowing water?  Would that make us more productive?  Perhaps, but that isn’t realistic for most jobs.  The next, more realistic concept of improving health and wellness in your personal and corporate environments is to bring those soothing water sounds to you.  Installing a water fountain in the workplace has been proven to improve employee moral and sense of well being as well as lead to a less stressed, more relaxed feeling in the workplace by providing these wonderful, soothing water sounds.  Having the background noise of soft flowing water rather than no background noise or elevator music is absolutely wonderful!

Water fountains come in many different styles so it is easy to find one that will fit any environment.  In the corporate setting a wall mounted fountain may be the best as it takes up no space and mounts wonderfully to any wall.  You can even add a logo to advertise your business and serve two purposes as once.  Another great idea for the office is desktop fountains.  A small fountain your desk can bring you these wonderful natural water sounds while you work.  If you have a home office or want to put a fountain in your favorite sitting room at home, you can go for a wall fountain, tabletop style or floor standing fountain.  Any water fountain style  will bring water sounds and provide relaxation at  home as well.

You will be amazed at how a wall fountain at the office will enhance employee well-being and be an additional step towards a healthy working environment.  Also, fountains in the home will aide in stress relief after work and ease your mind with the new focus of natural water sounds!

Enjoy the Countless Benefits of a Water Feature in your Office

Water fountains are amazing products that can be either used at home or office. By having a fountain either small or large in size in your office or garden you can enjoy numerous benefits. It is easy to have a water fountain in your office, you can either have a table top water fountain or you can have a wall water fountain without thinking about the space it takes up to install it. Tabletop water check out this wall fountainfountains can be easily placed either on a desk or off to the side of the working table.

Water features in the office not only greet the visitors who enters but also adds more beauty to your office. By having a fountain in your office you can enjoy enormous benefits. Here are just a few of the enjoyed benefits you and your staff and customers will see:

(a)Flow of water soothes your mind and relieves stress.

(b)Water fountains bring a Feng shui effect to the room where it is placed, said to bring good luck, prosperity and wealth.

(c)Humidity level of the atmosphere is adjusted by the water fountain. It removes dryness from the air and maintains the right level of humidity.

(d)The atmosphere is filled with positive ions which could cause unwanted effects but water fountain emits positive ions which has the ability to attract them.

(e)It can create a lovely and lively atmosphere in your office.

Now you can see how every office needs water fountains to create a perfect ambiance. With the right feature you can enjoy life to the fullest in your office.  Find a full selection at www.watefountainplace.com.

Feng Shui Fountains for the Chinese New Year

Last week brought the Chinese New Year, beginning the Year of the Rabbit. To celebrate, why not add a touch of traditional Chinese aesthetic to your home with a feng shui fountain?

Feng shui has been around for thousands of years, and its history is far too involved to get into here (but not here). The basics, however, involve the five elements—wood, fire, earth, metal, and water (feng shui translates literally to English as “wind-water”). In feng shui, every room should have a good balance of the five elements to ensure the proper flow of energy (qi). Bringing a feng shui water fountain into a room will help align this balance if you find it to be lacking. There are plenty of different styles of feng shui fountains to choose from, so it’s not hard to find the perfect one to match your home décor.

If you’re looking to really harmonize the qi of a room, you can bring all five elements in at once with the right fountain. In this case, you’ve got bamboo (wood), a candle on top (fire), the flat stones (earth), the bowl of the fountain (metal), and, of course, the flowing water. You can balance the energy of your bedroom, office, or wherever, while bringing in the calming, soothing sounds of running water.

With a beautiful, relaxing feng shui fountain, you can celebrate the Chinese New Year every day. Xīn nián kuài lè (Happy New Year!)

Feng Shui Water Features

The use of water features has been done as a practice from ancient times. It is believed that it brings wealth and good fortune to the place where it has been placed. According to Feng Shui experts, placing a water future in the wrong place at home would result in miss-fortune or even some financial loss. Placing them in home or office will bring classiness to the place.

Location to place water feature:

Southeast sector:  overall prosperity, wealth peace and abundance.

North sector: career or business success; increase of income.

East sector: family harmony and health.

Placing of a water featured feng shui may be done with a good feng shui practitioner for best results.

Peace and serenity may be yours by decorating your home with feng shui featured water fountains. The sound of gurgling and bubbling water give peace of mind. The placement of the feng shui water fountains is more important than its design. Placing a feng shui water fountain enable the flow of positive energy and harmony freely. Feng shui is made of five materials water, fire, wind, wood and earth. They support each other to maintain balance in the surrounding.

Water should flow towards the direction of your house, preferably facing your main entry or a big window. Fountains should be well maintained, such that there is no leak or any damage in them and keep them clean. Fountains should be maintained well for good result. They should be kept free from algae and dust particle by proper maintenance. Proper maintenance and placement of them will enrich peace, harmony, wealth and health in our life.

Feng shui water fountains may look great to any environment. Believing you at peace puts you in peace and leads the path towards success.

Water Fountains and Feng Shui Effects

Feng shui is a Chinese art that deals with specific areas and situations; it has the ability to bring good luck and prosperity to the atmosphere where it is being placed. In addition Feng shui can keep off evil powers and other unwanted powers away which can cause harm. Water fountains have the ability to bring the Feng shui effect, water contains negative molecules and through compression these molecules can produce the energy called ‘Chi’ to bring the Feng shui effects.

Feng shui effects cannot be achieved by placing the water fountain anywhere in the home or workplace, but by choosing the best place using a Bagua map the Feng shui effect can be easily achieved. It reenergizes and refreshes people, it shows positive effects wherever it has been placed. Energy of life ‘chi’ can flow smoothly by placing the fountain in the right place.

Fountains are of different varieties including wall water fountains, tabletop fountains, floor standing fountains, etc. You have to choose the right fountain based upon the amount of space available in your home or work place. If you do not have ample space for having a custom fountain, you can opt for a wall fountain or tabletop fountain which does not require much space. Wall fountains can be easily fixed on wall as it does not occupy much space in your home while a table top fountain can be placed over a dining table or by your bedside on the coffee table. Water fountains are also considered as a symbol of love and sustainability. By having a water fountain in your home or garden you can get peace and prosperity throughout the life.