Tabletop Fountains: The Perfect Gift for Everyone

It is easy to run out of gift ideas or to struggle each year to come up with a unique gift idea.  People  tend to settle on a boring gift that does not have any significance or benefit. But with the holiday season quickly approaching, a tabletop fountain becomes the perfect gift for everyone and it is the ideal gift that will be remembered by your loved ones for years to come. Tabletop fountains soothe the mind and relieves stress thus the reason for table top fountains to being a valuable gift. Most people become overstressed or depressed as a result of regular chores and busy life. But by gifting them a table top fountain, they can relax while at work or at home at the end of a long day.

Tabletop fountains can be used anywhere including the desktop and dining table. Portable tabletop fountains are made from different materials including ceramics, metals, slate etc. A table water fountain can ease your mind and rejuvenate your mind and body by melting away the stress.

There are so many advantages that outweigh traditional gifts from a table top fountain and here are some of them

(1) A table fountain has the properties to bring good luck and increase sustainability.

(2) A bamboo table top water fountain brings a natural look to the environment and is the right gift for any nature lover.

(3) They act as a perfect stress reliever and become the perfect gift for today’s stress filled working environment.

(4) Table top water fountains have the ability to remove the dryness and maintain a normal humidity. Air rich in moisture has the ability reduce dry skin, nasal allergies and nasal congestion.

(5) If you are a Feng shui lover, then table top water fountains could be the ideal gift. Feng shui has many benefits and it regulates the flow of energy and brings goodness.

By gifting a tabletop fountain you can be remembered all throughout the life of your dear one.

Feng Shui Water Fountains and the Benefits

Feng shui is related to water, it has the ability to produce infinite opportunities. Feng shui can create positive elements both inside and outside the home or at work place wherever it is being placed.  By placing a water fountain at the right place in your home or work place, health, prosperity and lot more can be achieved. Feng shui also has the ability to sustain life. Continuous flow of water from the water fountains can provide positive energy anywhere; water fountains whether tabletop fountains or wall fountains can be placed in the opt place by using the energy map called Ba-Gua.

Water fountains are most famous in feng shui as it has the energy of water. It brings joy and happiness and removes sadness. These fountains produce invisible energy to the atmosphere. They also have the ability to reduce stress and produce a joyful atmosphere. Few of the finest places to place your water fountain are East to have health and a happy family. Positioning it in South East direction brings prosperity and abundance and facing North brings a good career.

Some say water fountains should be avoided in bedrooms as it can disturb your sleep while others find them calming and can help you fall asleep.  In addition, natural crystals or stones can be placed in the fountain so as to bring more energy.  Moreover aromatics can be added to the water fountain which in turn could bring sweet fragrance inside the room; it creates a relaxing atmosphere and relives stress easily. Feng shui fountains are suitable for any atmosphere whether it may be office or home

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Tabletop Water Fountains Bring Tranquility and Serenity

Yes, it is true, tabletop fountains can truly bring tranquility and serenity into your living and working spaces.   At the WaterFountainPlace, you can see many, many tabletop fountains of all styles and sizes.  With the gift giving season upon us, table water fountains make unique gifts, one that you won’t find in retail outlets.  These online tabletop fountains are true works of art, and will bring true serenity and relaxation to your home or office.

Find tabletop water fountains starting  under $30 up to over $250.  You will find that when searching for a water fountain you can go less expensive with the fountains constructed of lighterwieght materials such as fiberglass or you can go to a true, unique, one of a kind fountain made of hand-crafted ceramics or slate and copper.  The choice is yours, but be sure that you know where you will place your tabletop fountain before you purchase so you know it will accent the decor of the room and fit where you want to place it.  Many table fountains at the WaterFountainPlace are ready to ship same day while others can take up to 3 weeks if they are the hand crafted ceramic tabletop fountains.

Treat all those special people on your holiday shopping list to a tabletop fountain.  You will truly light up someones life and bring them tranquility with your gift that they will enjoy for years to come.  If you can’t decide what water fountain to choose, try a gift certificate for a water fountain!  It is easy and fast.

Take a moment to browse the beautiful, high quality tabletop fountains currently available at, and order a fountain for yourself today or get a jump on your holiday shopping!  All orders over $75 ship free!

“Feng Shui” Your Home with Water Fountains

Fall is a great time to consider making your home more feng shui friendly.  Because many people are looking for ways to enjoy nature indoors this time of year, bringing water fountains into your home can accomplish this and many other benefits.

In case you haven’t heard of the term feng shui or may be you have and aren’t sure what the heck it means, it stems from the Ancient Chinese system of aesthetics where the thought is of merging the laws of Heaven and Earth.  The term feng shui translates to wind-water in English.  Because bringing these elements together along with other elements that make up feng shui, (water, wood, metal elements, earth and fire), is said to draw in positive energy for health and family as well as ones career and path in life.

Water fountains in your home, whether table, wall mounted or floor standing fountain styles, can instantly bring not only the water element of feng shui but also the metals as the materials of fountains are often comprised of copper or stone.  The powerful energy of flowing water from water fountains is said by many feng shui supporters to yield positive qi that in return brings abundance.  This may be the reason why water fountains are ever so popular in luxery hotels, spas, and massage therapists.  They give off a sense of unseen aura of strength and success, making a good impression to clients, keeping them coming back.

Try a water fountain in your home today.  You will be amazed at the benefits it brings.  Not only the feng shui aspect but the stress-relieving, relaxation capabilities, humidifying your air, thus increasing air quality.