Introducing a New Line of Gas Fire Pits

Artistic fire pits and firebowls have been growing in popularity and is pleased to offer these latest additions.  When you look at these unique pieces you will be amazed at the detail and work that goes in to each and every one.  You will find that with most of these hand crafted firepits that you have the option of woodburning or converting them to gas, natural gas or propane.

See some of the new unique styles from below, here are some of the key features:

  • Made with quality ¼” American steel with a rust patina finish
  • Made in the USA
  • Rain drain at the bottom of the bowl
  • Unique designs
  • Large firebowls
  • Can be converted to natural gas or propane

If you are interested in a gas or propane model when you order the gas version (as opposed to wood burning) it will come with the appropriate sized stainless steel burner with ½” steel piping and hub set up for natural gas use as well as a pan for the burner to rest on.  There is a small up charge to include the air mixer if you wish to use propane but that is also an option.

A few of the unique designs I found with our new fire pits are the Up North Fire Pit, Tree of Life, Solar Flare, Ivy Garden and more.  Be sure to browse all artistic fire pits to find your favorite.

Up North Fire PitTree of Life Fire PitIvy Garden Fire BowlHidden Angel Fire Pit

Outdoor Fireplace – How to Find the Best Fit

We live in a small but very beautiful house with a lovely backyard area. Since we spend much of our days outside the house we decided to redecorate this area a little bit to make it even more comfortable and appealing. One of the things we wanted to have in our new backyard was an outdoor fireplace. Fireplaces provide warmth to the whole outdoor area and make sitting outside more comfortable even in the colder days of the year. They also increase the value of the home and possibly this is one of the reasons they are that popular in the home improvement arena.

Before we started looking for our new outdoor fireplace we wanted to educate ourselves on the possibilities we have and what would be our best option to choose. If you are looking for an outdoor fireplace you will have good use of our experience and that is why I decided to share it with you.

One of the first things you need to decide is where you will place the outdoor fireplace. You need to choose its exact position so you can know what size of a fireplace you can afford. When you decide the position you also need to make sure there are no plants, draperies or some other nearby garden structures leaning over, so that there will not be a potential danger of strayed sparks causing a fire. As from what we learned, it is advised to place the outdoor fireplace at least 15 feet away from the house, and of course, quite a distance from trees, shrubs or electrical wires. Safety is very important issue and you must consider it when dealing with fire.

When considering the design of the outdoor fireplace, you would certainly need to make sure it fits the complete exterior decoration. Outdoor fireplaces tend to dominate their environment with their appearance and you would not want it to stick out from the rest of the decorating theme. There is a really wide range of different outdoor fireplace types, fire pits, patio heaters, or chimineas, electric fireplaces, fuel fireplaces, or even ethanol fireplaces, and absolutely everyone can find the one that best fits their functional and aesthetic needs. There is also a wide offer of outdoor fireplaces made of different materials, and the ones most often used include stone, cast iron, steel, copper, etc.

When you will decide these elements you will be able to start searching for the outdoor fireplace you want to have in your outdoor area. Knowing your exact options will increase your chances of buying the best outdoor fireplace for your home.

How to Use an Outdoor Fire Bowl

Enjoying the late night summer and fall evenings outside is even better with the warmth of a fire. If you are not sure what heating source you should provide, consider the outdoor fire bowl as a great alternative for an expensive outdoor fireplace or a hard to build permanent fire pit. The fire bowl needs no installation and is very easy to use. Depending on the type, it can use wood for producing the fire, or it can be natural or propane gas type, and even gel burning one.

To be able to safely enjoy the fire of the fire bowl, you need to follow these simple tips on how to use it:

-          Each state has its own codes on home usage of fireplaces, fire pits, fire bowls and any other heating appliances. You need to make sure that the fire bowl you want is not prohibited in your living area. Clever thing to do is to consult these codes and even some experts before buying it, no matter if it is a wood burning, gas or gel fire bowl.

-          Make sure that you place your fire bowl on a clean surface and aside from leaning trees, branches or leafs. At least six feet of space around the fire bowl should be cleaned from any combustible materials.

-          If you have a wood burning fire bowl then you should use a spark screen, when the fire is lit, to protect the surrounding area from sparks that are floating out of the bowl, and to protect the fire from any flammable materials that can get into the fire bowl.

-          One of the most basic rules when using a fire is to never leave it unattended. When you are extinguishing the fire never do it with a bucket of water because this will raise a big cloud of steam and make it harder to light the fire next time. Instead, move the logs away from each other and use sand to quicker cool them down.

-          Never start the fire with accelerants such as charcoal lighter or gasoline.

-          Do not use the fire bowl in a windy area. If you must, make sure the fire bowl is protected with a windbreak.

-          Before handling the cover or the fire bowl itself make sure it is cooled down because these metal elements can get very hot when the fire bowl is being used.

-          If you have a gas fueled fire bowl you can accessorize it with some materials that you can put inside of it for better visual effects, but first make sure they are approved for this use because the wrong ones can explode or burst.

Following these simple things on how to use your fire bowl will ensure you safe evenings outside your house, together with your friends and family.

What to Look For in Patio Fire Tables

When speaking about the latest trends in the patio fire pit furniture industry we cannot skip mentioning the patio fire tables. Their increased popularity is justified by their look, elegant style and design, as well as by their functionality. When decorating the patio area of the home you cannot think of how the applied decoration style will affect the everyday functionality of that area. Thus, the patio sets with fire pit table are cleaver solutions for smaller outdoor spaces, as well as for larger ones.

When looking for patio fire tables, there are four important elements you need to consider:

The Fire Pit Table Style

With a very wide range of different patio fire pit table styles to choose from, one of the most important things is to select the one that best fits the overall décor of the patio area itself. Today, there is a great offer of modernly styled tables and the one you will choose needs to be in correspondence with the surrounding architecture so it will be the astonishing centerpiece of your patio décor. If by any chance, you cannot find what you need, there are manufacturers that will let you customize it just the way you want it.

The Fire Pit Table Height

When speaking about the fire pit tables height you should know that they come in three different sizes:

-          Dining height is the most popular one and it is the height of a dining room table, about 29 inches.

-          Bar height is not that conventional patio fire table’s size which measures 42 inches. This size is perfect for situations where you need higher table to enjoy better view of your surroundings.

-          Chat height is the newest trend in patio firepit furniture, measuring 23 inches and perfect for relaxing and conversational setting.

The Heat of the Fire Pit Table

The patio fire tables will not fulfill their purpose if they do not provide enough heat so that you and your guests can feel comfortable while sitting outside. It is recommended to buy a fire table that provides at least 40,000 BTUs of heat with an adjustable flame to enjoy the beautiful ambient it creates.

The Fire Pit Table Interior

For many years the only available option was to use cement gas logs that imitate a wood burning fire, but with the latest trends you now have the option to use fire glass inside the fire pit table’s burner. The glass makes the flame appear shinier, like tiny glistening pieces of broken glass, that way enhancing the elegance and the modern look of the patio fire pit table itself. These glasses come in different colors so that you can match them with the patio furniture or the other surrounding elements.

With this ever growing niche of firepits the selection just keeps getting larger!  Consider replacing your traditional patio table with a fire pit table today and be able to enjoy into the fall and cool evenings.  Shop now!

Artistic Fire Pit – The Wow Effect of your Outdoor Space

If you are more into the unconventional and artistic ways of looking at life, you probably want this way of living implemented in everything you do. Home decoration is just one more place to express this lifestyle of yours. When I redecorated my inside and outside living area I wanted to truly show my artistic expression so that it will wow everyone who visits. I was amazed by several artistic fire pits a saw and I wanted to share them with all of you that have this passion for stunning art and style.

Full Moon Party Fire Dome Fire Pit

This artistic fire pit is type of a wood burning fire pit with a wrought iron base and a hammered with hand copper finish. I love the full moon party creative design of the fire dome making the fire pit look unique and stylish. The complete set, which also includes a spark screen, is 31 inches high and is 26 inches in diameter.

Orion Fire Dome Fire Pit

The Orion Fire Dome artistic fire pit is another interesting piece that will also astonish all of your guests, making your outdoor area much better looking than with any other conventional fire pit. The materials used in its construction are the same as for the Full Moon Party Fire Dome firepit and it is the same size as this one. The difference is in the design of the dome itself. Here the producers

Third Rock Art Firepit

played with stars and fire balls when expressing their artistic view.

Third Rock Fire Pit

If you are looking for an artistic fire pit of the highest quality and built to last, you can stop your search here. The Third Rock fire pit is one very unique piece that is hand crafted by order using heavy duty 0.25 inches thick mild carbon steel, covered with an iron oxide finish, resistant to high temperatures, and with a 1 to 1.5 inches rain drain. These features make this fire pit completely maintenance free in all weather conditions. I personally love how it looks when the fire burns. Its design reminds on the planet Earth and when the fire is burning it appears as the Earth itself is on fire. This artistic fire pit is a little bit larger, 40 inches high and 36 inches in diameter.

These stunnign fire pits are a must see!  Shop artisitc firepits now and choose from gas or woodburning options.