Relaxation Tips

At Serenity Health, we’re proud to bring you the best products to help you relax, from water fountains to bean bags to wind chimes.  We have it all!  To help you get the most out of your bean bag or water fountain, here are some relaxation tips.

  • Reduce your noise level It’s surprising just how loud the world around us is.  The constant noise of traffic and of ringing phones really takes a toll on us.  Block out or cover up annoying noises with soothing ones.  White noise, running water from a fountain, relaxing music.  Choose something pleasing to your ears.
  • Pamper your nose Scents have a very powerful effect on us, from bringing back memories to clearing your stuffy nose.  Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants to promote mental and physical wellness.  They can be chosen to treat specific problems or simply to promote a calming environment.  Candles are also effective at covering up odors and promoting your relaxation.  The beautiful light they give off is another great reason to use candles.
  • Put your feet up Many of us sit in an office chair all day, or spend a lot of time on our feet.  At home, give yourself a gift.  Find a comfortable chair, bean bag, or hammock to sit or lie in.  One that cushions you or conforms to your body is a great way to relax.  Hammocks make great beds as well, as they distribute your weight more evenly, relieving excess pressure on the sensitive pressure points on your body.  They’re even better to sleep on that a mattress!  Whatever you choose, it should be comfortable and a place you want to spend time in.
  • Personalize your space It’s hard to relax in a place you’re not at home in or don’t think of as your own.  Adding some of your style to your desk at work is one way to personalize that space and make it easier to be more relaxed in.  At home, express your style!  Pick your favorite colors, scents, and objects.  Find pieces that speak to you.  Make your space your own, and you’ll find it much easier to reap the full benefits of owning relaxation products like water fountains and bean bags.
  • Share with others If you’re looking to relax, do it with friends and family!  Spending time with loved ones is a great way to de-stress and unwind from a busy schedule.  Take a walk, catch a movie, or just hang out at home or in the garden!  If you have a water fountain at home, invite others to come join you by it.  They’ll benefit from it too, and you’ll enjoy sharing your wealth of relaxation with others.
  • Animals Our pets and wild animals play important roles in our lives.  The benefits of having a pet are well known, and they provide us with unconditional affection.  Help them to relax too with quality pet beds and maybe even their own water fountain to drink out of (pets love running water!).  For the wild birds in your life, bring them to your backyard with a bird feeder or bird bath.  Bird watching is a great way to relax and an activity to share with others.

Make relaxation and stress relief part of your life.  You’ll soon notice a change in your life, and others will too!  Encourage them to explore all the benefits of water fountain, bean bags, and other great relaxation products from Serenity Health.  Enjoy it!

Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Sound Therapy Systems

Sound therapy systems are natural sleep aids that use various nature sounds to help you relax or sleep. Sound therapy systems help the user obtain deeper, more satisfying sleep than the usage of other sleep aids, such as sleeping pills or room darkening eye masks.

Sound therapy can be used for sleeping, meditating, or simply unwinding and relaxing from a difficult day. They implement tranquil sounds found in nature to create a calm, soothing environment perfect for relaxation.

Some common sounds that are used for sound therapy systems are the sound of rushing streams, waterfalls, birds, the ocean swells, seagulls, dolphins and whales singing, and crickets chirping.

One such sound therapy system is Sound Oasis Sound Therapy System. This machine uses 12 nature soundscapes, featuring clinically proven sounds from sound oasis sound therapy system and alarmworld renowned doctors and the world’s finest authentic nature sounds bringing you a relaxed wake up and more natural way to fall asleep.

Placing a Pet Memorial in Your Garden

All animal lovers know that eventually, there comes a sad day when you lose your beloved pet. As hard as it may be, when that day comes, you should have a plan in place regarding how you will honor their memory in your yard. Just because your pet crosses over into an invisible realm of existence, doesn’t mean they won’t always continue to hold a place in your heart. Pet memorials are beautiful ways to pay tribute to your pet, as well as providing a comforting, serene spot for you to visit.

Engraved stones are a popular way to memorialize your pet. The size of the monument and the amount of customization are factors that contribute to cost. Pet memorials can range from something as simple as a small stone with your pet’s name engraved on it, or more elaborate, with a poem, a verse, or picture of your pet (or your pet’s breed) engraved on it’s surface. Make sure to place your stone in your pet’s favorite spot in your garden, or the spot you have chosen to bury your pet (their preferred garden spot is a nice resting place.) Finally, although it will be hard, especially at first, try not to carry a sense of sadness with you when visiting the spot. Your pet memorial should be a peaceful place to reflect on all your joyous memories, and even relax when life’s stresses start getting to you. A pet memorial is a beautiful, touching addition to the garden of anyone who has ever lost a pet.


Fireplace Mantels Enhance the Elegance of the Home

Together with my husband, we always imagined how a fireplace mantel would look in our home. We loved their elegant and, at the same time, powerful appearance that dominates the whole room, no matter how large it is. As a matter of fact, the larger the room, the more powerful the fireplace looks. Since we were living in a larger house, we had to carefully plan our investments in its interior and exterior decoration. We recently were finally able to afford ourselves to make this dream of ours come true.

You can only imagine how excited we were when we started looking through the large offer of fireplace mantels. We thought we knew everything there is about them, but when we started searching for ideas on the internet, we found out there were a lot of different aspects that needed to be considered before we can make the final decision and buy our fireplace mantel.

The style was one of the things we knew ahead. We know there are different design styles inspired by different historic periods and the fireplace mantels used in those times, but we wanted a simple and traditional one for our home. It will provide extra comfort to the whole living room ambiance, since it is one very large room and anything that can enhance the comfort element is very welcomed. Thus the choice of the material from which the fireplace mantel will be made of was easy and logical. Wood would best suit the traditional design style.

Fireplace mantels were previously used to protect the smoke from spreading throughout the room and the whole house. Now, this often is not the case. We, for example, have an electric fireplace (Click Here), and our fireplace mantel is not used for its primary purpose, but for its appearance and importance as decoration element that brings traditional elegance and serves as a focal point of the whole interior decoration.

Wake with the Sun: Sun Alarm SA-3

The new Sun Alarm Clock is here and ready to ship!  You will love the look of this new clock and will be amazed at how great you will feel each day as you wake up feeling refreshed from your simulated sunrise clock.

Soleil Sun Alarm Clock

The Sun Alarm SA-3 is for everyone and dawn simulators have been known to be especially helpful for people that suffer from SAD, or the “winter blues”.  Light therapy is a great way to cure these feelings and make for a new way to start the day.  The fall and winter months are best selling times for these Sun Alarm Clocks and can truly benefit everyone with a new and exciting way to get up each morning.

This new alarm clock has so many features so if the thought of a natural sunrise scares you that you may not wake up, you can set the buzzer, nature sounds, or even the radio as a backup alarm, truly perfect for everyone!  Some of the other great features are the Sunrise and Sunset features that can be set to intervals, a high-intensity LED light that will never burn out, battery backup, 4 nature sounds, digital display, FM radio, snooze feature, lamp and alarm feature!

This Sun Alarm Clock has it all.  From the manufacturers of the ever popular Soleil Sun Alarm and Sun Alarm Ultima you know you can’t go wrong with the new sleek style of this classy alarm clock.  Buy your Sun Alarm SA-3 today and start your relaxing mornings.  With the holiday shopping season upon us, this alarm clock makes a great gift too!