Where to Hang Wall Water Fountains?

Most wall fountains are simple wall structures with clean lines which allow the water to fall down the face into a special basin that is placed below. They can be used inside the house, or as an outdoor water feature. The larger models of wall fountains are usually placed on the floor right next to the wall, and the smaller wall water fountains can be mounted on the wall.

The most common material choices include copper wall fountains, slate fountains, and some contemporary and art wall fountains include marble as one of the material options. However, the material of the feature does not have to be the same as the material the basin, the pool or the tray placed bellow is made of.

When deciding the position of the wall water fountain inside the house there are several convenient options. If the available space is limited a smart thing to do is to hang the fountain onto the wall so it will be away from the path of the people, children, and the pets moving around the house and create a fantastic new art piece. Wall fountains are usually lightweight and hanging them on the wall is not hard, but since the water can make them heavy, the hanging hardware should be sufficient enough to hold all that weight and typically a studded wall is ideal.

Another great way to use all the benefits of the wall water fountains in a limited space is to build it into the wall. There are custom water features that can be made pre ordered to fit just any desired area. You can also consider getting a floor standing model, especially if they are heavier. It can be placed next to a wall for more space to move around, or in a corner next to the entrance to make a great first impression when entering the house.

At the end, no matter where you decide to position your wall fountain, it is very important to take good fountain care and maintain it regularly for it to be able to provide years of soothing relaxation.

New Garden Wall Fountain Styles: Product Spotlight

Although summer is already half for most of us there is still 3-4 good months to enjoy summer and fall weather outdoors.  These garden wall fountains may be just what you need to enjoy your patio or deck for years to come!  Easy to hang, easy to clean and all you need is an outlet and some water, you instantly have a new piece that will beautify and relax you when you come home after a long day.

Choose from classical lion looks to decorative flowers to old designs from Italy, these outdoor wall fountains are sure to please and you can take one home starting as low as $130 delivered at the great sale prices!

Each of these fountains features:

  • Lightweight Fiberglass Material
  • Various Finish Options
  • Self-Contained
  • Powered by Electricity with Included Recirculating Pump
  • Simple Set Up
  • One Step Hang

A must see!  Check out the video for easy set up and check them all out here!

Proper Maintenance of a Pond Fountain

A pond fountain is great addition that will enhance the beauty of any outdoor area where there is a small or large pond and will also bring other benefits for greater health of the life inside the pond, such as clearer water, less algae and no odor. Such pond is ideal for fish, but you need to take your geographical location into consideration before deciding which fish to buy, so that you want end up buying a koi that will freeze as soon as the winter comes.

There is a really great variety of the offered pond fountains for everyone to find what best suits their aesthetic and functionality needs. You can choose one that will shoot a geyser into the air, or you can buy a pond fountain that has a small and simple spray. It is up to you to find what you think is best. But whatever one you choose you must take proper care of it and regularly maintain it to serve you longer. Luckily all this is very simple and easy.

One of the things you need to do is to make sure that your pond is clean. The movement created by a pond fountain will certainly aid the water purity, but you will also need to clean the pond from algae, leaves, twigs and other larger dirt, at least once a week. If the size of the pond is larger you should use a pool skimmer to better approach and remove this debris.

The importance of the clean pond is even greater when you understand how it affects the functionality of the pump itself. If there is dirt inside the pond these impurities can easily get inside the filter and the pump and clog them which will cause the fountain to brake or stop functioning properly. Checking the filter and the pond pump is easy, takes only few minutes and should be done only few times a year. To clean the filter you can only rinse it inside clean water and that would be enough.

During the winter and especially if you live in areas with colder weather and frequent snow, you will need to protect it with fountain cover or take it out of the pond and keep it inside the house until spring. The frozen water can permanently damage the fountain so this winter protection is essential.

If you follow these basic simple and easy to apply maintenance tips you will be able to longer enjoy the beauty and the benefits the pond fountain brings.  WaterFountainPlace.com carries a full selection of pumps and maintenance supplies for fountains and ponds.

Wall Waterfalls for One and All

An indoor water fountain is a great way to bring the soothing sound of running water into your home. Hanging artwork is a great way to give your home a stylish look that is uniquely your own. With a wall waterfall fountain, you can combine the two for the ultimate in fashionable and relaxing décor.

Wall-mounted indoor water fountains are available in a wide array of sizes and styles. You can find them made with natural stone accents, decorative metals, even glass or mirrors. No matter how you’ve decorated your home, you’re sure to find a wall waterfall that will complement its style perfectly. Or, if you’d prefer to make you wall fountain more of a focal point of your décor, instead of an accent piece, there are many varieties available that are works of art in and of themselves. Any wall-mounted fountain will deliver calming water sounds to help relieve stress and bring a sense of peace to your home, but fashionable, high art wall waterfalls up the ante by being pleasing to the eye as well as the ear. An art wall fountain is a marvelous marriage of style and substance.

Wall waterfalls aren’t just for the home, however. Any workplace or office setting can benefit greatly from the addition of a wall-mounted indoor water fountain. Employees will enjoy the relaxing, bubbling sounds the fountain creates, and clients and customers will find that they mysteriously enjoy every second in the waiting room or lobby. And, you can even get a custom-engraved wall fountain with your company logo on its face. It’ll add a touch of class to your meeting room or reception area, and its gentle, natural water sounds will impart a feeling of calm to even the busiest workplace.

With the right wall waterfall, you can give your home or office an outstanding, stylish look and the soothing sounds of flowing water to help you find calm. Some are simple and elegant, some are artsy and distinctive; some are easy to mount on your wall for use, others may require considerable assistance. Every wall waterfall fountain will turn the room it’s in into a unique space like no other.

Fountains of Living Waters Rolls Back Wall Fountain Prices

Wall fountains bring beauty and peacefulness to your home.  Now is the perfect time to invest in a wall fountain and you will be amazed at how worth it your investment will turn out to be.  Not only do they bring a unique piece of art to your walls, water fountains have many other benefits as well, relaxation being on the top of my list!

Fountains of Living Waters, engineers of high quality, hand-crafted fountains, has rolled back prices on all wall fountains to make your investment even more affordable.  There are many options available on these wall fountains so you are sure to find something to accent any decor, at  home or the office.  Create contemporary flair with a mirrored face fountain and brushed stainless steel frame or bring a warm look into your home with the beautiful copper frame and earthy slate tones.  Fountains of Living Waters also offers several pebble wall fountains!  Truly something for everyone.

Choose from horizontal or vertical style wall fountains.  Horizontal works perfect for above a couch or fireplace and vertical Majestic Falls Wall Fountain by Fountains of Living Waterswall fountains work great for that narrow wall that needs something or the entrance way of your home to invite guests.  The Majestic Falls wall fountain is the most popular style featuring 3 sizes 40″ Wide up to 62″ Wide and it looks great with a logo if you need an additional way of advertising your business.  Again, you have the option of a lightweight slate face, mirrored face or glass face for your wall fountain.  Truly gorgeous!

Another great feature of the engineers at Fountains of Living Waters have mastered is the one-piece construction.  This makes it so easy to recieve an install your wall fountain that is leaves you no worries and allows you to enjoy your wall fountain within minutes of recieving it.

Order your wall fountain now so you can have it and enjoy it in time for the holidays!  See all Fountains of Living Waters fountains Here now!