Product Spotlight: Hand Crafted Ceramic Tabletop Fountains

Some of our favorite tabletop fountains are these hand crafted Made in the USA ceramic tabletop styles.  With so many fountains to choose it is sometimes nice to find something that you know will look great in any space and will be unique.  One of the many benefits of a water fountain made right here in the US.  Sure, you pay a bit more for the hard work and many hours that go into each one but is it worth it?  That is for you to decide but we wanted to show you a few of our favorites and explain the process of how each and every one is made.  Clay artisan Tim Miller explains his process as this (note, this is a simplified version)

  1. Sketches out ideas and works through what is a yes and a no
  2. Design and sculpting begin to work out things such as design elements like fountain style, size, aesthetics, water flow and scale are tested and incorporated.
  3. Once a prototype is created the plaster molds are made for each part of the fountain.
  4. Liquid clay “slip” is poured into each part of the mold, this gets absorbed and dried in about 25 minutes then poured out and allowed to dry for about an hour.
  5. Later removed from the mold and set aside to dry.  The fountain bowl is then leveled and and allowed to cure for before cleaning.
  6. The ceramic water fountain is now dry and ready to clean. All mold lines are carefully cleaned with a razor sharp knife. The fountain is then sponged with water and made smooth… then set aside to dry. It is very time consuming and dirty.
  7. A textured clay is then applied and goes into the oven to dry for the first time.
  8. They then go into a kiln at over 1800 degrees to cook for over 8 hours and then a day to cool.
  9. It is then sanded and cleaned and ready for a glaze to be applied.  3 layers of glaze are applied
  10. Goes into the Kiln for a second firing.

As you can see, even the shortest version is a lot of work!  Now, let’s look at some of Tim’s beautiful ceramic fountains, with over 22 years of experience, you are sure to get quality in every piece!

Mini Bowl Table Fountain has been a best seller.  The jug is a real plus, you can almost envision what it sounds like by just looking at it.  Perfect for an end table for some soft, soothing sounds as you relax after a long day or on your desk to keep you calm as you work.  Many glaze options available.

Gaia Orb Ceramic Tabletop Fountain: A personal favorite, I love the open side on this and the rock pond that follows.  Again, available in several different glazes, you are sure to find one that accents or “pops” with your style.



The Mini Orb Fountain is our customers favorite this past year and you have to agree, pretty cool looking little fountain!  Anything with the word “orb” is always a hit.  I just love this fountain in the river stone color that is shown as well as the speckled blue to really be unique.  This little tabletop style also makes a great gift that is sure to be unique.


Enjoy shopping these beautiful Made in the USA ceramic fountains and pick your favorite!

DIY Glass Waterfall

Glass waterfalls are gorgeous pieces that add ambiance to the inside or outside of your home (where ever you choose to display it.) While these pieces can be bought, if you’re the crafty sort you might consider making one yourself. Making your own glass waterfall can actually save you a bit of money, if you’re looking to beautify your home on a budget.

So how exactly do you go about creating your own glass waterfall? It’s fairly easy, to be honest.

  1. Select a Glass Panel. Your glass panel should be the desired height and width of the waterfall, and should be at least one inch thick. (Check out specialty glass stores to have the perfect glass panel cut to your specifications.)
  2. Select 2 Rectangular Planters. These will need to be at least as wide as your panel;  one planter will be used as your reservoir and needs to be at least 10 inches deep. The other planter will go on top of your glass panel to hide the tubing (and also brace the glass.) The bottom planter can be made from any type of material, but the top one needs to be lightweight and at least 4-6 inches deep.
  3. Seal the Drainage Opening. Use silicone sealant for this. Attach four rubber stoppers across the top of one end of your glass panel (use waterproof adhesive). You’ll want to space the stoppers equally across the top of the panel, and allow the sealant and adhesive to dry.
  4. Place the Bottom Planter (i.e. the Reservoir Planter) Against Your Designated “Waterfall Wall”. Stand the panel inside the the planter, making sure the rubber stoppers are on top. Brace the front with bricks inside the planter; brace the planter against the wall with weighted objects until the top of your glass panel has been secured.
  5. Invert the Top Panel on the Glass Panel, Marking the Wall Behind the Panel with 2 Wall Brackets on Each End. Then, remove the planter and attach brackets to the back of the planter; attach to brackets in wall, making sure at least one is placed into a wall stud.
  6. Cover the Rubber Stoppers with Waterproof Construction Adhesive. Fit the inverted planter atop the panel so it rests on the stoppers; attach the back of the planter to the wall brackets and allow the adhesive to dry.
  7. Place Your Waterfall Pump inside the Reservoir Planter. Plastic tubing will need to be cut to fit from the pump to the top of the waterfall; attach one end of the tubing to the pump spout and run along the back (side) edge to the top edge of the glass panel; fit the tubing between 2 rubber stoppers so the open end lays on the top edge.  Use duct tape to hold into place.
  8. Cover the Pump and Bricks with Decorative Stones. Then, fill the reservoir with water.

Wah-lah! You’ve just built your own glass waterfall. Not only can you adapt the instructions to make your own, unique waterfall, you will save a bunch of money in the process.

Foam Furniture Ideas

Places to put foam furniture

Foam furniture might not be the best type of furniture on the market, but it has its place. There are a wide number of reasons why you will need foam furniture and it offers a good option instead of that classy leather couch.

To begin with you can buy foam furniture for your kid’s room. It makes no difference what age they are; there will probably be something dropped on the couch at some point. And that’s without the beating it will take from jumping and various other assaults. The foam furniture can take the abuse and stand it, without you really worrying what happens.

Another reason to buy foam furniture is for your dad’s garage or shed. They’ll always need something to sit on and if you have the room, foam loungers are a perfect solution. Despite the tools, dust and other threats, foam furniture can still look as good as ever.  And they are also a great price.

Another good use for foam furniture is the basement apartment. You never really know when you’ll use it but you just know there needs to be furniture down there. Buying something of this standard gives you the option and you don’t need to pay too much. It might not get used much but it makes no difference.

Obviously foam furniture can be used in a lot more places but these are just a few of the obvious destinations. Foam furniture has its place and will always offer a great place to sit without paying high fees.

Bring Life to the Office with a Wall Fountain

Wall fountains truly do bring life to places that can grow to be dull.  They not only bring a stunning beauty to the area but bring joy to those around.  An office is the perfect setting to display a wall fountain.  They take up virtually no space, they act as an art piece on any wall and bring the outdoors in with the natural water flow and natural materials.

Some ideas of wall fountain placement in the office are behind a reception area, in the entrance, in a patient room, waiting room or conference room.  Any of these places the wall fountain will be the focal point and can offer soothing sounds to an otherwise quiet space as well as instantly decorate the space.  Imagine treating patients in a physician setting, dentist chair or massage space and having the soothing water sounds to help your client relax?  Or, a welcoming fountain that catches their eye the minute they enter your place of business?  Surely something for them to remember and sure to keep them coming back.

Another popular idea is a logo wall fountain.  Why not get a beautiful copper and slate wall fountain with your company logo engraved across the entire face of the fountain?  Now, not only have you done all of the above but you have also created another way for your customer to remember you!  Your new art piece can act as your business sign as well and do your advertising for you!  With so many options you will truly find the perfect accent to the office theme and bring a new beautiful piece to the space instantly!

Home Office Decorating Tips

A Couple Home Office Decorating Tips

When first installing a new office into a home, people don’t always think about the decor or style of the room.  They may simply throw a computer, a desk, a couple chairs & some file cabinets into a room and call it a day.  Unfortunately, this can produce a negative atmosphere that can actually be counterproductive.  Everyone knows how good it feels to be in a creative and unique atmosphere.  A good room decor can produce feelings that can overwhelm the senses and encourage productive and creative thoughts!

Here a few home office decorating tips for you to live by when starting your interior decor project:

  • As important as home office decor is, you still don’t want to spend too much money spicing up the place so to be cost effective, you must find things at thrift shops and garage sales.  I can’t  even count how many times that someone’s garbage became my treasure!
  • Decorate the room with interesting yet soothing colors.  Many earth tones are perfect for this situation.  I suggest a Spanish Moss or Red Earth (both pictured below).

Red Earth Color

Spanish Moss Color

  • More decor items to include are some interesting canvas art or wall mounted water fountains.  These items will give you something to escape to when you are stressed out from work.  The relaxing sounds of water flowing will gently wash your stress away.  Alternatively, you can order a simple tabletop fountain for a fraction of the cost and still get the same effect.

Now that you have some basic techniques for starting your office decoration project, you should hurry up and get started!