Clearance Sale on Outdoor Water Fountains

For many of us fall is here and temperatures are getting colder by the day, however, if you are in a warmer climate and still have the weather to allow you use your outdoor fountains or get to keep yours out all year round this is a great sale for you!

At you will find many clearance fountains for outdoors.  Some customer favorites are even on sale and sure to accent your patio or landscaping to a “T”!

The 4-Tier White Fountain with Fruit Top is perfect for an area filled with flowers, the light color will make the flowers pop and stand out even more and at 52” tall it will truly be a focal point of any lawn or garden.  The fiberglass construction makes it easy to move and disassemble if you do live in colder climates and need to take it in for the winter.  Very easy set up, simply twist it together, fill it up, plug it in and start enjoying the water sounds.  The birds will love it too!  This fountain is on sale for $399 delivered and ships the same day you order.

This is just one example of the discounted water fountains found right now at Serenity Health.  There are over 50 fountains including solar fountains, garden wall fountains, rock style and tiered styles available at great prices.  Shop the large selection of discount water fountains today, perfect for gift giving a well as your own enjoyment.

Enchant Your Garden with this Fairy Bird Bath Fountain

I love fairies, so anytime I come across anything fairy related, I get a bit excited.  This Fairy Shell Outdoor Fountain I recently ran across combines three of my absolute favorite things- fairies, fountains and bird baths! Oh that I had a yard to put one of these in!

The self-described “light-weight” fountain features a fairy pouring water from a calla lily into a shell (which she is perched upon.) This lovely piece is just the right size for a bird bath- can you imagine all the robins, mocking birds, blue jays, blackbirds and humming birds this thing will attract? What an added delight to one’s garden!

Some specs about the Fairy Shell Outdoor Fountain:

  • Height: 30″; Width: 29″;
  • Weight: 30 lbs
  • Shell bowl: 65″ deep
  • Fountain is electric; plugs into standard electrical outlet.
  • No plumbing required- water recirculates.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors (although not recommended for use in areas that are carpeted or on wood floors.)
  • Includes: fountain, electric pump and connections
  • Includes 6 month manufacturer’s warranty.

This bird bath fountain is so precious- I can imagine the enchanting effects it would have in a flower garden. The sound of birds chirping and splashing in the running water would be a little piece of paradise- I don’t know if I can think of anything more relaxing.

Add an Elegant Touch to Gardens with Wall Fountains

Having a fountain in your garden can make your outdoor space more attractive. People love to grow plants with beautiful flowers in their outdoor spaces both as a decorative idea and as a hobby. Whether you have large garden in your outdoor space or a small one on your balcony, installing a water fountain can add elegance to any area.   Pond fountains and rock waterfalls along with the greenery of the gardens brings a sense of natural beauty to the surrounding area.

You will be amazed once your garden gets decorated with fountains, you’ll love to spend more time relaxing there. Wall fountain for gardens are available in a variety of patterns matching the style and size of outdoors. With the development of technology, wall fountains come with lighting effects for a more attractive look. Evening parties and dinner nights can be made exciting if your guests are surrounded by gardens or held in outdoor spaces near fountains. Most of the wall fountains are lightweight  and durable and so requires less maintenance.

Fiberglass is commonly used in garden wall fountains due to its lighter weight and ease of hanging and taking down for the season.  There is a large variety of these lightweight fountains available and you will find themes that are sure to match your garden décor.  They can hang easily on a fence, exterior of your home or any other wall with a simple screw.   Fountains kept outdoors are easily exposed to cold   weather so be sure you follow outdoor fountain care procedures to properly care for yours .  Find the perfect garden wall fountain today, simply click here.

Reasons To Buy a Copper Waterfall

If you are looking to add an unique ambiance to your yard, deck or patio, copper waterfalls are the way to go. Copper waterfalls are hand crafted by skilled artists and sculptors. Many places that sell copper waterfalls, fountains and bird baths don’t create the piece until after your order is placed.

Some of the benefits of copper water pieces include:

  • Customizable: the artist can add leaves, flowers, and other features as you specify.
  • Long Lasting: Copper does not rust, guaranteeing you a fountain or waterfall that will last a very long time.
  • Affordable: copper fountains tend to range anywhere between $125-$3,000.
  • Ambiance: Copper waterfalls and fountains add atmosphere to your yard, and creating a beautiful, gushing water sounds.
  • Relaxing: The water running off of different levels make a relaxing, almost musical sound. The way the water and copper leaves reflect together in the sunlight are also a relaxing sight.

Copper waterfalls are great if you’re looking for something unique and artsy to add to your backyard.

New Garden Wall Fountain Styles: Product Spotlight

Although summer is already half for most of us there is still 3-4 good months to enjoy summer and fall weather outdoors.  These garden wall fountains may be just what you need to enjoy your patio or deck for years to come!  Easy to hang, easy to clean and all you need is an outlet and some water, you instantly have a new piece that will beautify and relax you when you come home after a long day.

Choose from classical lion looks to decorative flowers to old designs from Italy, these outdoor wall fountains are sure to please and you can take one home starting as low as $130 delivered at the great sale prices!

Each of these fountains features:

  • Lightweight Fiberglass Material
  • Various Finish Options
  • Self-Contained
  • Powered by Electricity with Included Recirculating Pump
  • Simple Set Up
  • One Step Hang

A must see!  Check out the video for easy set up and check them all out here!