Simple Ways to Beautify Your Patio for Less

Do you ever look out the window at your patio and think, “I oughta do something different”? Well, you’re not alone. According to a July 2012 New York Times article, more and more homeowners are creating outdoor rooms in order to make the most of their properties and connect more with nature. As seasons and tastes change, it may be time to redo your patio look, and there are several ways to revitalize your outdoor living space without breaking the bank.
If your patio is full of junk, clear it off to make a clean slate (you’ll feel better afterward, promise), and take a survey of what needs to be done.

Revamp Your Furniture

Whether you have few pieces of furniture, broken furniture, or none at all, you have some options to choose from. With a bit of creativity and an afternoon or two, you can refurbish your existing furniture to make an inviting outdoor living space.
If your metal or wood furniture is still serviceable but just needs a little bit of freshening up, it can be sanded, refinished, and repainted to add color and vibrancy to your outdoor room. Perhaps the structure of your furniture is sound, but the cushions are ripped or discolored, the slings sag, or the vinyl is broken. Instead of going out and buying new furniture, you can order new patio cushions and vinyl to give your old furniture a new look. Sometimes, though, your old furniture is beyond help. If those broken plastic chairs just won’t do, take a look around your house before heading off to the store—some interior furniture can be repurposed for outside, like so:

Old set of drawers re-purposed as a planter:


Wood furniture painted with outdoor paint. Marine varnish also does the job of weatherproofing furniture quite nicely:


Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can make your own furniture from wooden pallets:


Apparently there have been some concerns about durability and splinters, so you may want to do some research before diving into this project. What else do you have lying around that could be made into stylish and comfortable patio furniture?

Add Awesome Accessories

Colorful accessories, bought on the cheap from dollar stores, thrift stores, or sales, are an easy way to add color and character to your patio. These include
• Vases
• candles
• colorful pillows (you can re-cover old ones with water-resistant fabric)
• bright tablecloths
• wreaths
• windchimes
• bird feeders
• potted plants
Be on the lookout for treasures that match your color scheme when you are out and about.

Liven up with Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be expensive…really expensive. Still have some white Christmas lights around? Hang them up across your patio for a soft ambience. You can also look at thrift stores for old lanterns to put candles in or other patio décor. Paper lanterns are also a fun way to add to the atmosphere, though they may not be suitable for all weather. You can also try a more crafty approach to outdoor lighting, such as mason jar and tin can lanterns. Check out these projects and more in this list of do-it-yourself lighting projects at

If it’s time to give new life to your patio, you can do it without seriously denting your budget. Upscale your outdoor room by using your resources and thinking a little outside the box.

Terry Potter is currently Customer Service Manager at Duralife LLC., an online retailer based in Florida. He enjoys helping people make their outdoor spaces more comfortable and fashionable with new patio furniture pads through their website,

Introducing a New Line of Gas Fire Pits

Artistic fire pits and firebowls have been growing in popularity and is pleased to offer these latest additions.  When you look at these unique pieces you will be amazed at the detail and work that goes in to each and every one.  You will find that with most of these hand crafted firepits that you have the option of woodburning or converting them to gas, natural gas or propane.

See some of the new unique styles from below, here are some of the key features:

  • Made with quality ¼” American steel with a rust patina finish
  • Made in the USA
  • Rain drain at the bottom of the bowl
  • Unique designs
  • Large firebowls
  • Can be converted to natural gas or propane

If you are interested in a gas or propane model when you order the gas version (as opposed to wood burning) it will come with the appropriate sized stainless steel burner with ½” steel piping and hub set up for natural gas use as well as a pan for the burner to rest on.  There is a small up charge to include the air mixer if you wish to use propane but that is also an option.

A few of the unique designs I found with our new fire pits are the Up North Fire Pit, Tree of Life, Solar Flare, Ivy Garden and more.  Be sure to browse all artistic fire pits to find your favorite.

Up North Fire PitTree of Life Fire PitIvy Garden Fire BowlHidden Angel Fire Pit

The Perfect Way to Relax

Sometimes you just want to kickback and observe the outdoors or to close your eyes and put all the stress of the day and life in general out of your mind; to forget all your troubles and do absolutely nothing; to achieve a lazy man’s or woman’s paradise so to speak.  A prefect way to do so, and I believe my two favorite cartoon characters Homer Simpson and Garfield the cat (epitomes of indolence) would agree, is to lie idly in comfortable and convenient hammocks. You can soak the warm rays of the balmy sun or enjoy the cool shade of green trees depending on where you set-up the hammock; you can lie beneath the open sky at night and become awestruck at the marvels of the stars; you can sleep or pick up an exciting book to read; you can do so much, and there’s always room for two or more so you can enjoy togetherness at all times.

I’m the kind of person who dislikes camping, but somehow I always manage to allow myself to be persuaded to tag along with my friends when they go adventuring in the great outdoors. However, my agony was assuaged when a good friend of mine brought a pair of camping hammocks to our most recent trip. I quickly discarded my tent and usurped one of those handwoven hammocks from her and spent the entire trip perched in between two giant trees. Yes, I am that in love with hammocks.

Considering my fondness for these amazing outcomes of human intelligence, it came as no surprise when my parents gifted me a comfy and beautiful hammock chair for my birthday. Now, almost every activity of mine takes place while sitting in my new hammock: I can watch television, work on my laptop, study, listen to music and even socialize in it when a friend or family visits. I suggest that anyone who has yet to experience the joy of a hammock to put laziness on hold for a while and go buy one immediately.

What to Look For in Patio Fire Tables

When speaking about the latest trends in the patio fire pit furniture industry we cannot skip mentioning the patio fire tables. Their increased popularity is justified by their look, elegant style and design, as well as by their functionality. When decorating the patio area of the home you cannot think of how the applied decoration style will affect the everyday functionality of that area. Thus, the patio sets with fire pit table are cleaver solutions for smaller outdoor spaces, as well as for larger ones.

When looking for patio fire tables, there are four important elements you need to consider:

The Fire Pit Table Style

With a very wide range of different patio fire pit table styles to choose from, one of the most important things is to select the one that best fits the overall décor of the patio area itself. Today, there is a great offer of modernly styled tables and the one you will choose needs to be in correspondence with the surrounding architecture so it will be the astonishing centerpiece of your patio décor. If by any chance, you cannot find what you need, there are manufacturers that will let you customize it just the way you want it.

The Fire Pit Table Height

When speaking about the fire pit tables height you should know that they come in three different sizes:

-          Dining height is the most popular one and it is the height of a dining room table, about 29 inches.

-          Bar height is not that conventional patio fire table’s size which measures 42 inches. This size is perfect for situations where you need higher table to enjoy better view of your surroundings.

-          Chat height is the newest trend in patio firepit furniture, measuring 23 inches and perfect for relaxing and conversational setting.

The Heat of the Fire Pit Table

The patio fire tables will not fulfill their purpose if they do not provide enough heat so that you and your guests can feel comfortable while sitting outside. It is recommended to buy a fire table that provides at least 40,000 BTUs of heat with an adjustable flame to enjoy the beautiful ambient it creates.

The Fire Pit Table Interior

For many years the only available option was to use cement gas logs that imitate a wood burning fire, but with the latest trends you now have the option to use fire glass inside the fire pit table’s burner. The glass makes the flame appear shinier, like tiny glistening pieces of broken glass, that way enhancing the elegance and the modern look of the patio fire pit table itself. These glasses come in different colors so that you can match them with the patio furniture or the other surrounding elements.

With this ever growing niche of firepits the selection just keeps getting larger!  Consider replacing your traditional patio table with a fire pit table today and be able to enjoy into the fall and cool evenings.  Shop now!

Outdoor Decor Ideas For Fall

Autumn is quickly approaching as the days of summer wind down to an end.  Before you know it, it’ll be time to put all the summer patio furniture and decor away, and get ready for Fall. In honor of the upcoming season (and because it happens to be my absolute favorite,) I decided to compile this list of outdoor decor ideas for Fall.

  1. Add Fall Foliage to Your Deck. Nothing adds the festive spirit of Autumn like beautifully colored Fall foliage- orange, yellow, red and purple leaves can be hung as a wreath or garland around your deck’s railing. Faux leaves can be used in place of real ones in order to last longer. Pine cones, acorns and twigs also add a festive touch.
  2. Place Pumpkins around Your Patio. Pumpkins are perhaps the most widely recognized representation of Fall. Nothing quite says Autumn like round, orange pumpkins displayed in your outside recreational area. Add some white luminescent pumpkins for variety.
  3. Swap out Your Patio Furniture Cushions with Autumn Themed Pillows. Autumn themed pillows and cushions featuring pumpkins, scarecrows, Fall leaves and other Harvesty or Halloween things can be purchased for cheap at home and garden stores, department stores or craft stores.
  4. String Yellow, Orange or Purple Lights. These will give your patio area an elegant (or spooky) look. These are especially a great idea if you’re planning on having a Halloween or Harvest party.
  5. Strategically Place Hay, Gourds and Scarecrows Around Your Porch. These not only add ambiance, they set the mood for the season.
Your neighbors, family and friends won’t be able to help but feel festive when they see what you’ve done to your outdoor area. Celebrate the season and make your neighborhood festive by decorating your deck, patio, or porch this Fall.IMG Source: