The Perfect Way to Relax

Sometimes you just want to kickback and observe the outdoors or to close your eyes and put all the stress of the day and life in general out of your mind; to forget all your troubles and do absolutely nothing; to achieve a lazy man’s or woman’s paradise so to speak.  A prefect way to do so, and I believe my two favorite cartoon characters Homer Simpson and Garfield the cat (epitomes of indolence) would agree, is to lie idly in comfortable and convenient hammocks. You can soak the warm rays of the balmy sun or enjoy the cool shade of green trees depending on where you set-up the hammock; you can lie beneath the open sky at night and become awestruck at the marvels of the stars; you can sleep or pick up an exciting book to read; you can do so much, and there’s always room for two or more so you can enjoy togetherness at all times.

I’m the kind of person who dislikes camping, but somehow I always manage to allow myself to be persuaded to tag along with my friends when they go adventuring in the great outdoors. However, my agony was assuaged when a good friend of mine brought a pair of camping hammocks to our most recent trip. I quickly discarded my tent and usurped one of those handwoven hammocks from her and spent the entire trip perched in between two giant trees. Yes, I am that in love with hammocks.

Considering my fondness for these amazing outcomes of human intelligence, it came as no surprise when my parents gifted me a comfy and beautiful hammock chair for my birthday. Now, almost every activity of mine takes place while sitting in my new hammock: I can watch television, work on my laptop, study, listen to music and even socialize in it when a friend or family visits. I suggest that anyone who has yet to experience the joy of a hammock to put laziness on hold for a while and go buy one immediately.

What to Look For in Patio Fire Tables

When speaking about the latest trends in the patio fire pit furniture industry we cannot skip mentioning the patio fire tables. Their increased popularity is justified by their look, elegant style and design, as well as by their functionality. When decorating the patio area of the home you cannot think of how the applied decoration style will affect the everyday functionality of that area. Thus, the patio sets with fire pit table are cleaver solutions for smaller outdoor spaces, as well as for larger ones.

When looking for patio fire tables, there are four important elements you need to consider:

The Fire Pit Table Style

With a very wide range of different patio fire pit table styles to choose from, one of the most important things is to select the one that best fits the overall décor of the patio area itself. Today, there is a great offer of modernly styled tables and the one you will choose needs to be in correspondence with the surrounding architecture so it will be the astonishing centerpiece of your patio décor. If by any chance, you cannot find what you need, there are manufacturers that will let you customize it just the way you want it.

The Fire Pit Table Height

When speaking about the fire pit tables height you should know that they come in three different sizes:

-          Dining height is the most popular one and it is the height of a dining room table, about 29 inches.

-          Bar height is not that conventional patio fire table’s size which measures 42 inches. This size is perfect for situations where you need higher table to enjoy better view of your surroundings.

-          Chat height is the newest trend in patio firepit furniture, measuring 23 inches and perfect for relaxing and conversational setting.

The Heat of the Fire Pit Table

The patio fire tables will not fulfill their purpose if they do not provide enough heat so that you and your guests can feel comfortable while sitting outside. It is recommended to buy a fire table that provides at least 40,000 BTUs of heat with an adjustable flame to enjoy the beautiful ambient it creates.

The Fire Pit Table Interior

For many years the only available option was to use cement gas logs that imitate a wood burning fire, but with the latest trends you now have the option to use fire glass inside the fire pit table’s burner. The glass makes the flame appear shinier, like tiny glistening pieces of broken glass, that way enhancing the elegance and the modern look of the patio fire pit table itself. These glasses come in different colors so that you can match them with the patio furniture or the other surrounding elements.

With this ever growing niche of firepits the selection just keeps getting larger!  Consider replacing your traditional patio table with a fire pit table today and be able to enjoy into the fall and cool evenings.  Shop now!

Create a Stylish Outdoor Setting with your Patio Furniture

Patio furniture has evolved, and the days of ugly, uncomfortable metal and wooden patio furniture are a thing of the past.  Aluminum patio furniture and wooden patio furniture are still being made, but they no longer need to be neither ugly nor uncomfortable.

You can now create a place of leisure outdoors with the use of creative, stylish and comfortable patio furniture and accessories. Right now you are probably thinking that you would need to visit a dozen stores just to find the furniture that suits your needs and décor, but we now live in an era where you can easily shop for patio furniture online. Not only is it more convenient, but you also get a larger collection to browse through because a virtual storefront can host almost infinite items. Once you have located a store that you can trust, there is almost no limit to the items that you can buy over the internet.

Teak wood patio furniture, aluminum patio furniture and wicker resin furniture are popular choices in terms of material, but when it comes to design, deep seating patio sets and conversation sets are considered the choices for comfort. You could get an entire conversation patio furniture set with deep seating to create a wonderful lounge area on your patio or in your garden. If you are furnishing your back patio or pool deck, you could probably try one of those Polywood Long Island Chaise Lounges; they bare a resemblance to those lounge chairs that you see at the poolside in 5 star hotels. They are comfortable and they look great beside any pool area.

If you are buying outdoor patio furniture to place in your garden, you could try getting a garden fountain to accentuate the area and a garden pergola if you have the space and is in need of shade. Pergolas can be easily decorated and they help to create a semi secluded environment.

Decorate Your Garden With Outdoor Patio Furniture

Outdoor patio furniture is specially crafted to place in the garden, terrace or any outdoor areas. For that reason, these furniture items have to be weather resistant and should bear all the weather conditions without any devastating impact on the furniture quality. There are certain things that need to ponder about, before buying outdoor patio furniture sets.

Depending upon the choice and preference, one can select from wide range of outdoor patio furniture sets that are made up of different material like wood, metal, plastic and wicker. Each material has its specific characteristics. Wicker patio furniture is light in weight and can be relocated easily. Aluminum metal furniture is rust proof. Teak wooden patio furniture is long lasting and weather resistant. Plastic furniture is very economical and can be purchased by spending less money. It would be best suitable for those who replace their outdoor furniture from time to time to fulfill their desire of giving a frequent new look to their home. This time to time change also provokes a spirit of enthusiasm to your living.

Buying outdoor patio furniture sets can be a difficult task, but one needs to know the following aspect to make this tough task easy. The first point to consider is the mobility factor. Before selecting any type of furniture, make sure that it is light in weight and easily movable so that rearranging of the outdoor furniture can become much easy in case of any party or function. Other major aspect is the comfort factor. Outdoor spaces are usually expected to be as comfortable spaces where one sits to obtain a relaxed and stress free state of mind. Therefore, comfort should be the first preference of the buyer when buying outdoor furniture.

From chair to the whole set, it should be relaxing and comfortable. Durability of the furniture must also be a major concern and among the list of preferences, when you intend to buy this furniture. Teak and wicker patio furniture are durable and can be used for many years. Low maintenance and easy to clean furniture is also the factor to think about. Last but not the least is the affordability factor. Affordability does not mean that the quality of furniture should be compromised. You can search and get quality furniture at low price that can last for many years.

3 Tips on Keeping Your Cedar Patio Furniture Looking Youthful

Looking for some fantastic wood patio furniture? Cedar is the perfect marriage between finesse and durability. Cedar is wonderful because it keeps its classiness while being pretty low maintenance. Durable and hearty, Cedar’s natural qualities make it superlative for outdoor patio furniture. It has a natural resilience against weather, moisture, insects, and rot and is sure to hold up in multiple kinds of climates and seasons. However, cedar isn’t invincible. Like a Labrador, your dog will live as your faithful companion for years. However, walking your dog, taking him in for checkups, and not feeding him donuts will make him healthier and live longer. Here are a few tips to care for your cedar patio furniture and help it age with grace:

  • Apply a Wood Sealer: Sealers seal the wood’s pores and prevent them from taking in water or dirt, so they won’t split or swell as well as stay clean. Now there are even sealers with ultra-violet inhibitors. That way, if you are fond of the original color, ultra-violet inhibitors will protect your cedar from the sun’s fading effects.
  • Apply a Stain: Wood stains help preserve the color and smoothness of your cedar furniture. Stains are breathable and won’t trap the wood’s natural moisture like painting it will. Paint will result in bubbling and blistering overtime. It is recommended that a new coat be applied to your furniture every two years to keep it looking fabulous.
  • Cover or Store Your Furniture: Though cedar is extremely durable, it is weather resistant, not weatherproof. If you live in an area with extreme and harsh weather variations, overexposure may be too harsh on your furniture. Buying furniture covers will help protect and insulate your cedar over the winter months. Or, if your furniture will be sitting outside for long periods of time without use, you may want to store it in the garage, shed, or basement until spring.

These are but a few options for your cedar furniture. Of course, cedar will last a long time if you do nothing to it and let it fend for itself. However, these tips will help it last even longer—and who knows? Maybe that cedar Adirondack chair of yours will become a family heirloom.