Bean Bag Chairs: All the Information you Would Ever Need

What you Need to Know When Buying a Bean Bag Chair

The bean bag chairs are perfect for decorating any room in the house, and not just the kid’s room. Today there are so many different colors, designs and fabrics that the bean bag chairs are made of that they don’t have to sit in a closet waiting to take them out when you need them as an extra sitting place, but can be used all the time enhancing the interior design in the house.

There are many advantages of the bean bag chairs over a conditional furniture, like the comfort they provide while relaxing on them, how easy they are to be cleaned and maintained, and the broad decoration option they give you so that they can fit just about everywhere.

When buying foam furniture there are some things that you need to bear in mind so that you won’t get lost in that enormous offer on the market. These things are regarding the size of the bean bag chairs, the design, the fill and the fabric they are made of. Let’s take a look at all of them:

Bean Bag Chairs Size. When deciding which bean bag chairs to buy it is important to consider the use they are going to have. If you are going to sit on them together with someone then better buy double bean bag chairs. For kids there are great bean bag chairs designed just for them. This is important because when you sit on the bean bag chairs they will adapt to your body size and position and offer proper back support for you.

Bean Bag Chairs Design. One of the greatest things about the bean bag chairs is that they come in various shapes and designs. Depending on what it is that you want to accomplish you can buy a bean bag chair design that fits your current interior decoration, or you can buy one that will stand out of it making the bean bag chair one of the focal points in your room.

Bean Bag Chairs Fill. What is recommended is to look for bean bag chairs that are filled with high quality 100% recycled polystyrene that is fire resistant. This is because this type of filling is soft enough to be comfortable and at the same time it is strong enough to not lose its sponginess.

Bean Bag Chairs Fabric. There are many choices available regarding the fabric of which the bean bag chairs are made, like vinyl, microfiber, cotton, fun fur, leather and denim. They all have their pros and cons regarding their maintenance. What is most important is that the fabric is of high quality. It is also recommended to buy bean bag chairs that have option for taking out the covering so that you can wash it periodically.

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Children Love these Bean Bag Chairs

Some things seem to remain popular forever, because people like them so much. Bean bag chairs have been a popular choice for fun, comfortable furniture for decades now, and they probably won’t ever really fade out of fashion. It’s been a perennial favorite among kids and young adults for relaxing, watching television, or reading books.


If your child doesn’t already have a bean bag chair, you might want to consider buying one for him or her. It’s a great gift choice for kids of any age. You can get it in any color, and it can match the decorations already in the child’s room. You can also find them with all sorts of different prints, so you can get something that fits with your child’s personality.


Kids bean bag chairs are safe for younger children to move around and sit on, since they don’t have any hard edges. Kids can also move them without any help, so they can bring them to the living room from their bedroom. Kids enjoy having a chair of their own, and they can even be custom-embroidered with their names. The zippers are often hidden away in flaps, or they may come with locking zippers. Another thing many parents love about bean bags is that they are easy to clean. Vinyl chairs can easily be wiped off with a cloth. It’s a whole lot easier than cleaning a spilled drink off a sofa or armchair! Even the models made with other materials can often have the covers removed for easy cleaning.


A bean bag chair is a gift any child will love and use on a daily basis. It also isn’t something they’re going to grow out of, since they can continue using the chair for many years. It can be a more practical and unique gift than just buying a child more toys.

Jaxx Lounger Jr. Bean Bag Product Review

Jaxx Lounger Jr. Bean Bag – the Best Gift for my Best Friend’s Kid

My friend has been bothering me for a while now how she wants to buy one of those bean bags for her son. Last week it was his birthday and you can guess what I bought him – a bean bag, of course. And not just any bean bag, but the best one.  I knew what the gift should be, but trust me, finding the right bean bag was not an easy task. Here’s why I chose Jaxx Lounger Jr. bean bag:

Its size. The Jaxx Lounger Jr. bean bag is 24in x 24in x 48in. It is perfect for kids to play on it, or even fall asleep without having to worry whether they’ll fall of. It can fit up to three kids under the age of nine, so consider it if you have more than one kid. To be honest, I bought one for myself too, for those long movie nights.

The material. The Jaxx Lounger Jr. bean bag is made of recycled chopped furniture polyurethane foam, covered with micro-suede. This material is very soft and comfortable, and one of its best features is the cleaning part. It is resistant to stains and dirt and can hold spilled water. It is available in six colors: blueberry, cherry, plum, lime and lemon. The foam is zipped in with a childproof zipper and can’t be pulled out by those persistent kids.

Its use. The Jaxx Lounger Jr. is great for the kid’s room where it can be used as a sofa or as their own play space. You can see that glow in their eyes when they’ll try it. They will never get tired of playing on it. Plus, they can use it with their friends too, and play on the bean bag together.

This was the best gift I could buy. The kid was overjoyed, and my friend could not thank me enough because now she can rest while her kid plays.

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Jaxx Bean Bag Lounger Jr

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What is so Great About Bean Bags?

Reasons to check out Bean Bag Chairs

If you’ve ever owned bean bags, you’ll know they are one of the best pieces of furniture for your room. They have a whole host of uses and that’s not only for your children. If you’re preparing to update your child’s bedroom then consider the bean bag for its diversity, in addition to its comfort.

For starters it is a great sofa, or chair. We all remember a time when family and friends come round but there aren’t seats for everyone, so someone had to use the foam furniture. If you’ve been this person you’ll start off thinking you got the short straw. But come the end of the occasion you were glad that the foam chairs were there. The only problem is that it’s so comfortable that sometimes you start to fall asleep.

If you find yourself falling asleep using a bean bag chair then it’s not always a bad thing. They create a unique experience and adapt to fit your shape and size. But you’ll find that it’s not only you sleeping on the bean bag chairs. Sooner or later your pets will realize the power of the bean bags. When this happens you’ll have to make sure you look before using them. Because most of the time they get so relaxed they sink inside and sleep for hours.

The right bean bags can become a lifesaver for the whole family in a number of different ways. They come in different sizes and can be bought with different patterns.  Find the perfect one for you and you’ll have it for life.

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Large Faux Leather Bean Bag Chair

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Looking at the New Age of Bean Bag Furniture

Exciting new Bean Bag Chair Designs

Check out this bean bag lounger Like most people, I though bean bags were a simple piece of furniture. They’re round, soft and easy to carry. But when you really search online you can find a wide variety of different styles and not all are the cliché bean bags you expect.
For example, there’s the Club Bean Bag Chair. Which is a bean bag, but far from the obvious styles you expect. This piece of furniture has back and foot rests to help make it a more adult style bean bag. There are also matching ottomans, sold separately, which help keep a continuing theme throughout your room. You can also choose from a number of different materials that the chairs are made from.
My personal favorite is the seven foot foam lounger. This is the behemoth of bean bags and will no doubt help you relax and even sleep. This is great for more than one person and I can’t help but lounge for hours. In fact, I’m even writing this as I sink further into the lounger with every sentence I type. The only problem, if you can call it that, is the difficulty getting off the foam lounger. Most times you won’t want to move and I have been screamed at more times than I can count because I didn’t want to leave it.
With so many different styles it’s important to research before buying a bean bag. The chances are that people who rush into their purchase will be disappointed. Take a bit of time, then you’ll find yourself using that time in a more comfortable position in the future.