Enjoy the Countless Benefits of a Water Feature in your Office

Water fountains are amazing products that can be either used at home or office. By having a fountain either small or large in size in your office or garden you can enjoy numerous benefits. It is easy to have a water fountain in your office, you can either have a table top water fountain or you can have a wall water fountain without thinking about the space it takes up to install it. Tabletop water check out this wall fountainfountains can be easily placed either on a desk or off to the side of the working table.

Water features in the office not only greet the visitors who enters but also adds more beauty to your office. By having a fountain in your office you can enjoy enormous benefits. Here are just a few of the enjoyed benefits you and your staff and customers will see:

(a)Flow of water soothes your mind and relieves stress.

(b)Water fountains bring a Feng shui effect to the room where it is placed, said to bring good luck, prosperity and wealth.

(c)Humidity level of the atmosphere is adjusted by the water fountain. It removes dryness from the air and maintains the right level of humidity.

(d)The atmosphere is filled with positive ions which could cause unwanted effects but water fountain emits positive ions which has the ability to attract them.

(e)It can create a lovely and lively atmosphere in your office.

Now you can see how every office needs water fountains to create a perfect ambiance. With the right feature you can enjoy life to the fullest in your office.  Find a full selection at www.watefountainplace.com.

Custom Fountains for a Relaxing Business Atmosphere

One of the best things about using water fountains as a decorative element is that you can find one to suit any price range or space. Once spring comes you’ll be able to set up an outdoor fountain to fit a modest courtyard or huge garden space, and through the winter you can set up indoor water fountains for virtually any room in your home, from a tabletop fountain in a small room to a wall fountain to fit a larger interior. Beyond home décor, water fountains are excellent accents for business environments – and that’s where we get into more ambitious custom fountain designs.

The most obvious business candidate for a custom indoor fountain is a restaurant, because these businesses host customers in their working space for an extended period. People come to restaurants to relax and take in the atmosphere, so creating the right ambiance is essential. Water Fountain Place specializes in providing custom fountains that fit seamlessly into the surrounding décor – an essential trait for restaurants. The custom fountain should be large enough for all patrons to enjoy, but not so large that it transforms from a source of ambiance to an active distraction.

Custom water fountains are also an excellent addition to retail stores, particularly those related to interior design or relaxation. Customers need a clear demonstration that your store represents the atmosphere they home to bring into their own homes. In a furniture or home decoration store, a custom fountain can be used to being out the full potential of elements such as furniture and shelving. If your store concentrates on smaller interior pieces, a water fountain can bring your display stock together to express a common relaxing theme.

Custom fountains work for businesses whose office spaces aren’t exposed to the general public as well. If you order a custom fountain that incorporates your branding (logo, company name and overall styling) you’re making a powerful statement that you believe in your company’s basis of unity and future prospects. Large custom fountains are ideal for reception areas, where you can make an impression on clients and partners.

Beyond reception you might add a custom fountain to boardrooms and other central meeting areas, such as the main hallway leading to your primary office area. As a symbol for your company it promotes focus and builds morale. These are critical attributes for keeping productivity high, and serve to set your company apart from the rest. You don’t want investors, employees, management or clients to ever treat your office as just another set of cubicles.

Water Fountain Place has a large set of example custom water fountains from its work for major companies such as Lexus and the Marriot. Remember that even if a custom fountain seems a little ambitious for your business at this time a selection of standard wall fountains and other indoor fountains can provide a key accent for your office or other business space.

Make 2010 a Year to Relax and Take Time for You

With the hustle and bustle of the Holiday season now behind us, it is now time to start thinking of our New Years resolutions.  Many of the common resolutions are made every year such as losing weight, eating healthier, quitting smoking, start exercising etc.  This year, try something a little more exciting….what about learning to relax and take time for you?  Relaxing and relieving stress is so critical to happiness and also directly ties into your health and wellness.

There are many relaxation products (View Here) out there that can help you do just this.  At Serenityhealth.com we try to offer you products that can help you relax and relieve stress.  Take water fountains for example.  Water fountains have many health benefits including stress relief, humidifying the air, producing negative ions and bringing beauty to your living spaces both indoors and out.  You will quickly find that the soothing sounds of a fountain can help you relax and relieve stress each and every day.

There are also many aromatherapy products available.  Everything from aromatherapy diffusers to heat therapy and cold therapy products as well as zafu cushions for meditation.  Think of how good it would feel everyday to come home from work and relax with a delightfully scented eye pillow or neck roll?

Nature alarm clocks are another great health and wellness product.  Did you know that the way in which you awake each morning has a huge impact on how your day will go?  If you are jolted out of bed every day with a blaring radio or beeping alarm clock you tend to wake up feeling agitated and stressed right off the bat where if you are gently awakened by nature sounds or a natural light simulating alarm clock you will be amazed at the better mood you are start your day off in.

All of these relaxation products are very affordable and for under $50  you can start to bring some of  these wonderful products in to your life and start 2010 off relaxed and living healthier!

Did You Miss Black Friday? Don’t Worry – There Are Still Great Water Fountain Gift Deals for Christmas

Black Friday has come and gone, but not everyone’s had the time or inclination to finish their Christmas shopping. Fortunately, Water Fountain Place maintains some great deals on indoor water fountains in all price ranges.

The water fountain supplier is able to do this because they maintain an exhaustive stock of fountains of all types and prices ranges, and have the ability to regularly roll discounts through a variety of indoor fountain modes, including wall water fountains and tabletop fountains.

Tabletop water fountains are probably the best option for a gift on a tight budget, especially if you aren’t too familiar with the recipient’s home. That’s because tabletop fountains are space efficient and only require a standard outlet to function. That way, the friend or relative getting the fountain can place it almost anywhere in the home.

If you’re giving a gift to a close family member you may be comfortable giving a fountain that requires special installation, such as a wall fountain. In these cases, the best idea may be to find out that the recipient is already planning to get one before ordering one on his or her behalf. Alternately, you can give a water fountain gift certificate so that the recipient can pick the fountain that they want – and they can benefit from Water Fountain Place’s great prices.

A gift certificate is also a great idea if you believe the recipient would enjoy an outdoor water fountain for his or her patio, garden or other outdoor space. Christmas isn’t necessarily the time to order and install, but your gift will give the recipient the power to make that choice once warmer weather appears.

Take a look at Water Fountain Place’s water fountain specials to see the great selection of water fountains the company currently has on sale, particularly for tabletop fountains. Currently, deals cut across virtually every style, and can fit practically any home or apartment, so you’re sure to find the best water fountain to give this Christmas.

Why Water Fountains: A Guide to Indoor Fountains

With water fountains growing in popularity, people that don’t have one often find themselves thinking of why a fountain or where to even begin looking for a fountain.   There are a couple benefits of water fountains that make people want to bring them into their lives.  One benefit of a fountain is the beauty they provide.  A water fountain instantly adds to the indoor or outdoor decor and brings a whole new focus to a room.  Another benefit of course is the stress relieving potential a water fountain provides.  With their soothing water sounds an indoor fountain can quickly make a sitting room or dining room the favorite place in the house, or with a waterfall outside your home you will find yourself enjoying your outdoor living spaces even more.  You will find a full list of water fountain benefits at Serenityhealth.com.

There are several types of water fountains so the first step in the selection of a fountain is to determine the space you have for a fountain and they style you wish.  When you start your search you will typically find indoor fountains broken down in the following categories:  tabletop fountains, floor standing fountains, wall water fountains and custom fountains.

Table water fountains are perfect for an end table, bedside table or dining room table.  I like to place one in the living room for everyone to relax to at the end of a long day as well as one in the office for the work at home days/evenings.  I find that a desktop fountain quickly gives some relief to a stressful work environment.

Floor standing fountains are perfect if you have a large entrance way or a corner in a living or dining room.  A floor fountain will instantly beautify your space and create a wonderful focal point in your home.  It will soon become your favorite piece and you will find your self being lulled into relaxation with the wonderful waterfall sounds.

Wall fountains are perfect for any wall in your home that needs a change.  Wall fountains are truly gorgeous and can be constructed to perfectly accent your style.  You will find the slate and marbles available have amazing character and accented with the copper or stainless steel frames they are sure to please.  A wall water fountain can be the premier art piece for your home and you will be amazed at the value it adds to your home and the attention it draws by its simple beauty.

Custom water fountains are the end all for those looking for something very specific.  Generally a water feature can be made to order in the sizes and materials you wish but the one thing to keep in mind is that going custom means doubling or even tripling the price of the standard wall and floor fountains you come across.  The most common custom fountains that are done are typically counter fountains or floor standing waterwalls.  If you think this is the direction  you are moving towards be sure to look at the custom fountain examples to get some ideas.

At Serenityhealth and the WaterFountainPlace we want to be your premier source for water fountains and fountain accessories of any type.  Although we discussed indoor fountains above, there are many outdoor styles available as well.  Feel free to browse all water fountains and we are here for any questions you may have!