How to Store Your Garden Fountain for the Winter

One of the great things about modern outdoor fountains is that you can always opt for a semi-portable model to put away for the winter. This is a great option that not only reduces wear on the fountain itself, but allows you to convert your backyard or other garden space for other uses as late autumn and winter creep in. Properly wintering your water fountain is a straightforward task, but let’s break it down to avoid even the slightest possibility of an accident.

Step One: Take Apart the Fountain

If the fountain is designed to disassemble, take care of that first thing. Don’t forget to properly store extension cords and power cables instead of leaving them out.  If you own a solar fountain, remember to safely store the solar panel.

Step Two: Dump Water and Dry the Fountain


Make sure the fountain pump is off and dump all of the fountain’s water before it has a chance to freeze. Use cloths to get rid of as much moisture as possible. Excess moisture during storage may damage the fountain.

Step Three: Clean Your Water Fountain Pump

Remove your fountain’s pump and give if a thorough cleaning according to its directions. Watch out for small debris. If indicated by the pump model, store it in a container of warm water in an area that will never frost or freeze, even a little. This will prevent dried out gaskets.

Step Four: Fill and Cover Your Fountain

Cover your fountain with a tarp and fill the basin with rags to absorb and moisture from condensation. Water Fountain Place also sells covers fitted for outdoor fountains. These are a necessity if you have an outdoor fountain that’s too heavy to move indoors.

Step Five: Get an Indoor Fountain!

Why not? Get an indoor fountain or tabletop fountain to keep the relaxing look and sound with you through the winter. There are also several water fountains that work for both indoor and outdoor use – just ask a water fountain vendor for details.

Proper Maintenance of a Pond Fountain

A pond fountain is great addition that will enhance the beauty of any outdoor area where there is a small or large pond and will also bring other benefits for greater health of the life inside the pond, such as clearer water, less algae and no odor. Such pond is ideal for fish, but you need to take your geographical location into consideration before deciding which fish to buy, so that you want end up buying a koi that will freeze as soon as the winter comes.

There is a really great variety of the offered pond fountains for everyone to find what best suits their aesthetic and functionality needs. You can choose one that will shoot a geyser into the air, or you can buy a pond fountain that has a small and simple spray. It is up to you to find what you think is best. But whatever one you choose you must take proper care of it and regularly maintain it to serve you longer. Luckily all this is very simple and easy.

One of the things you need to do is to make sure that your pond is clean. The movement created by a pond fountain will certainly aid the water purity, but you will also need to clean the pond from algae, leaves, twigs and other larger dirt, at least once a week. If the size of the pond is larger you should use a pool skimmer to better approach and remove this debris.

The importance of the clean pond is even greater when you understand how it affects the functionality of the pump itself. If there is dirt inside the pond these impurities can easily get inside the filter and the pump and clog them which will cause the fountain to brake or stop functioning properly. Checking the filter and the pond pump is easy, takes only few minutes and should be done only few times a year. To clean the filter you can only rinse it inside clean water and that would be enough.

During the winter and especially if you live in areas with colder weather and frequent snow, you will need to protect it with fountain cover or take it out of the pond and keep it inside the house until spring. The frozen water can permanently damage the fountain so this winter protection is essential.

If you follow these basic simple and easy to apply maintenance tips you will be able to longer enjoy the beauty and the benefits the pond fountain brings. carries a full selection of pumps and maintenance supplies for fountains and ponds.

How to Clean Indoor Water Fountains Effectively

Having water fountains in your indoor living spaces is capable of presenting a charming look to your home’s interiors. Not only indoor water fountains are used in homes but in hotels, restaurants, offices and other commercial buildings because they bring a tranquil atmosphere for healthy living. Indoor fountains are mostly installed in living areas mainly as a source for relaxation. Also it’s proven that keeping water features indoors enhances both mental and physical health. Even though installation process of wall, floor and tabletop fountains are simple, maintaining those products in an effective way is very important.

Investing in expensive indoor water fountains can be made useful by maintaining them properly. Fountains made of materials like glass, mirror, copper and stainless metals are easy to clean and maintain whereas other types of fountains may need a bit more care for longevity. One way of cleaning metal made fountains is to use a soft cloth which removes dust from frames and metal covers thus giving a more lustrous appearance.

Cleansing liquids found in fountain shops are another excellent idea for cleaning indoor fountains. Even though you change water regularly, continuous flow of water gives rise to the growth of minute organisms and algae. Using a small quantity of cleansing liquid get rid of all such dirt and keep your fountains clean and beautiful.

If you find it difficult to clean huge floor fountains, you can try water fountain cleaning chemicals which are available in online fountain shops and websites to help minimize the algae and white scale growth. Many of these products are made of good quality chemicals which are harmless to aquatic plants and so has a powerful effect over algal formation. It’s essential to choose the right cleaning products matching the type of fountain you have. Choose products from websites and online stores by determining the requirements of your fountain.

Maintenance and Management of Your Garden Water Fountains

Having an outdoor water fountain to ornament your garden is the best thing you can do to enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space. Not only does it magically transforms your dull garden into an active and energetic surrounding with a lot of movement in the form of the various animals and birds frequenting your outdoor water fountain but also it raises your temperaments and gives an instant boost to your state of mind. But of course, with something so beautiful laid on the premises of your front or backyard might enhance the glory of your house it also would probably need the quintessential attention that concerns its maintenance and cleaning.

Given that you have your own busy lifestyle if you are unable fill the fountain every other day you might want to consider purchasing some essential self cleaning products that will help to keep the water more clean in your garden fountains and aids it to steer clear of any unwanted growth in the form of algae. You are required to a keep a constant check and also use water clarifiers and other cleaning products to prolong the build-up of water plankton.

During the weekends you could always empty the fountain reservoir and clean the pumps and with the help of an old toothbrush scrape out any extra growth that might be reasons for undesired appearance or odor of any kind. Make sure that the chemicals you use to clean have natural ingredients that may not pose any health danger to the animals, birds or the kids who play around the fountain turf. When you maintain the cleanliness of the fountains on a regular basis the job takes only a little bit of your time rather than when you happen to clean the fountain after a week’s time or more when the debris that is settled gains firmer attachment to the fountain vessels.  You can also refer to the tips and advice center for complete fountain care tips.

Time to Clean Your Outdoor Fountains

Now that you have been enjoying your outdoor fountains for a couple months it is time to be sure you are caring and cleaning them to ensure longevity.  All fountains need a little TLC to keep them functioning properly and keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

Small outdoor fountains are very simple to clean.  If you have a fountain you can lift, simply dump the old water, take a scotch brite pad or mild abrasive sponge and scrub off the algae and as much of the hard water stains as  you can.  (White scale or lime build up can be tough to remove once you have it).  You will also want to be sure to clean the pump.  This is what makes the water fountain and without it, you can’t enjoy your fountain.  Remove the pump from the fountain and take off the cover.  Use a small brush, even a toothbrush, and scrub out the small spaces.  You will probably notice a lot of algae and debris in the small spaces as your pump is stopping this debris from getting inside your water fountain.

Once you have your fountain clean add fresh water and consider using a fountain care product such as Care Free Enzymes or Fountain Fresh to keep your water clear and clean.  You may also want to use the No More White Scale for any fountain you have as it will keep hard water stains off your fountain.

Large fountains or stone fountains may not be quite so simple and can be somewhat of a daunting task if it is not kept up.  The best way is to do it piece by piece.  If it isn’t feasible to take the fountain apart simply scoop out as much water as you can, use a mild abrasive sponge and scrub the surface areas.  Remove the pump and clean it just like any other fountain pump.  Take it apart and clean thoroughly.  You can use the Fountain Fresh which is safe for all animals and wildlife or use an algae preventer such as Fountain Block or Algae Control.

Just a little care of your garden and outdoor fountains can go a long way.  You can also find many fountain care tips at our Tips and Advice Center at