A Custom Fountain for your Home or Office

Are you thinking about purchasing an indoor water fountain for your home?  There are many indoor fountains available online and in brick and mortar stores. With so many to choose you may find just what you are looking for with the various stock models but if you are looking fro something unique or very large or even a very specific size for a niche space you may want to consider the options available in a custom fountain.  Custom water features can allow you to get exactly what you want, rather than settling for whatever you can find on the shelf.

This allows you to choose options like the exact size and material you are looking for in a fountain. You should examine the area in your home and decide the type of fountain and how large you want it to be. You could consider floor fountains, wall fountains, or tabletop fountains. Then measure the area and decide how large a fountain would look best in the space. Your personal preferences also come into play. Do you want a larger floor fountain, something that mounts on the wall, or a small fountain?

There are also many different types to choose from. If you’re looking for a wall fountain, you should think about what kinds of materials would look good in the space.  Steel and copper are very common frame materials and glass or slate, very popular face materials.  Custom fountains can be found in all different sizes and colors, and some look like natural stone. Others may have water running down a glass surface. Some have etched glass or artwork on the front glass or behind the running water.

If you have a bit less space, you might want to consider getting a tabletop waterfall, instead. This allows you to enjoy the advantages of having an indoor fountain without needing a large space to put it in. These can fit right on a desk, end table, or mantle. They still allow you to enjoy the beauty and the soothing sounds of an indoor waterfall, but they are smaller and many are priced very affordably.  Click here to see some custom fountain samples and fill out our quote form to get an idea of what your future fountain may cost.

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