Water Fountain FAQ’s

You will find the most common water fountain questions answered here.  You may also find our Fountain Maintenance section on the Serenity Health website helpful.

What types of water fountains are available?
Water fountains come in many varieties like solar fountains, tabletop fountains, garden fountains and commercial fountains.  Commonly water fountains are seen in gardens and outdoors. But water fountains are also integrated into salon décor, hotel lobbies and other indoor settings needing an aesthetically pleasing touch.

How can I have a water fountain, but still keep my energy usage low?
Solar water fountains are the perfect type of fountain for those interested in low energy usage. Solar fountains are powered by sunlight, and make no impact on the power grid.

How much maintenance does a water fountain require?
Water fountains generally require very little maintenance. Once they are set, up the only thing you need to do is be sure you keep enough water in the basin or bowl of the fountain to cover the pump and periodically clean your fountain. Other than that, sit back and enjoy the beauty and relaxing benefits of your water fountain.

My fountain pump is louder than the flow of my water fountain, why?
The main cause of a noisy fountain pump is there is not enough water in your fountain. Be sure that water is completely covering the pump and continue to add water until the noise stops. If this does not work, check to be sure your pump is not vibrating against the fountain. If it is, try to adjust how the pump is sitting or you can place a sponge under your pump or alongside it depending on where it is vibrating.Do I have to use distilled water in my fountain?
We always recommend distilled water in your water fountain because hard water, over time, will cause mineral deposits to develop on your fountain. However, when this is not possible, such as with larger wall fountains or floor standing fountains you can use tap water. You may want to try a water treatment product such as Care Free Enzymes or No More Algae in the water to help prolong algae build up and keep your water fresh.

How do I clean my water fountain?
Cleaning your water fountain should be a fairly simple process. Typically you will want to clean your water fountain once every couple months. If you use distilled water you will not need to clean it as often. Completely empty the fountain, if it is a wall fountain you may find it easier to suck the water out with a shop vacuum or disconnect the pump and run the water out into a bucket. Wipe the basin with a clean cloth or sponge, clean any rocks you may have in the fountain so they are clean of any algae build up, take out your pump, clean the tubing and wipe the pump clean of any build up as well. Put your fountain back together, add fresh water and any water treatment products, turn it on and you are set! Depending on the material of your water fountain, ie: Copper, Stainless Steel, Slate, Glass, etc. the cleaning instructions may vary. Please read the Water Fountain Care and Maintenance page at Serenity Health.

Will my water fountain splash on my floor or table?
All water fountains that are approved for indoors should not splash. Typically splashing is a result of the fountain not being put together properly. The instructions that come with your water fountain will have instructions on how to properly set up your fountain. The level of water in your fountain can also be a cause for splashing. Be sure your water level is neither too low nor too high. With most fountains you can also adjust the pump to get optimal water flow. Another tip is to add some river rocks or pebbles to the basin of your water fountain to prevent splashing.

Do I have to turn my water fountain off at night or when I am away?
Water fountain pumps are meant to run 24/7. It is harder on the pump if it is turned on and off continuously. You should not need to turn your fountain off as long as there is enough water in the water fountain for the allotted time.

Do I need to put any fountain additives in my water to keep it clear from algae?
Fountain additives are recommended especially if you aren’t using distilled water in your water fountain. There are several products available to prevent algae, white scale and mineral build up at Serenity Health in the Water fountain accessories section.

Is there a warranty on your water fountains?
The warranty on each water fountain depends on the fountain. Usually there is a one year warranty. If you have a specific water fountain you need warranty details about, please call us at 1-888-881-4668.

Does my water fountain come with a pump? What do I need to make it work?
All water fountains should come with a fountain pump. The only thing you need to provide is the water!

How often do I have to put water in my fountain?
It depends on the climate you live in. A good guideline is to add water when you water your plants. However, if you life in a dry environment you will need to add water more often. It also depends on the size of the fountain. The important thing is to always have the pump completely submerged in water at all times. Other than that, you can put as much or as little water in your fountain that gives you the desired sound.

How do I clean my outdoor fountain?
Keeping an outdoor fountain clean is a bit more of a challenge than an indoor model. Inside, a fountain is subjected mostly to dust and fingerprints, but an outdoor fountain is open to the wind, leaves, dirt, animals, rain and snow, depending on your geographical climate.
When buying a fountain for outdoors, make sure it’s been made specifically for that purpose. You want to make sure the fountain is up to the wear and tear of climate conditions. After particularly windy or rainy days, check the fountain for leaves that may have blown into the base. Shut the fountain off and remove the pump for inspection as well. It’s possible that the pump is getting clogged with debris. Keeping that pump clear and free of leaves, dirt, and anything else that might get stuck in it is important for its longevity.
To clean the pump thoroughly, take it right out and wipe any debris or build-up from it with a cloth. Open the cover and wipe down the inside of the pump as well. Any hard-to-reach areas can be cleaned out with an old toothbrush.  Just a few minutes of pump maintenance will keep your fountain running smoothly, and beautifully, for a long time to come.

There are several water flow and splashing tips, maintenance and cleaning tips we can share with you. If you are still having problems please call us at 1-888-881-4668 and we can get more specific with your particular water fountain.  You can also check out our Tips and Advice Center on the Serenityhealth.com site for some great water fountain tips and many water fountain articles!