Fountains in the Workplace

Indoor water fountains are great for use in the home. They deliver the soothing sound of flowing water to any room of your house, giving you your own single-serving slice of serenity. But what if you want to experience the calming effects of a water fountain at work?

First, there are desktop fountains. These look and operate just like classic tabletop fountains, but are generally a bit smaller, to fit on the more limited landscape of your work desk. The smaller size doesn’t mean smaller benefits, however, and your co-workers and cubicle neighbors are sure to enjoy the relaxing effect the running water sounds from your desktop fountain bring to the workplace.

If space at your desk is truly limited or if you’d just rather not worry about one more power cord tangling into the nest of wires beneath your desk, battery operated fountains are a perfect choice. With a small footprint and space-saving design, a battery operated fountain will enliven your workspace and give you a new sense of peacefulness, no matter how hard you’ve put your nose to the grindstone.

The ultimate workplace water fountains, however, are commercial fountains. Including a free-standing or wall-mounted fountain in your architecture will give everyone who enters your place of business a sublime sense of calm like nothing else. Your clients, customers, and employees will all benefit from the soothing effects of a bubbling, flowing fountain. In the waiting room, behind the reception desk, in a break room—anyplace in your office can be given a new look and feel with a stylish commercial water fountain.

The workplace is one of the most stressful places we visit, and we go there almost every day! Luckily, it’s easy to minimize your stress right at the source with an indoor water fountain at work

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