Introducing a New Line of Gas Fire Pits

Artistic fire pits and firebowls have been growing in popularity and is pleased to offer these latest additions.  When you look at these unique pieces you will be amazed at the detail and work that goes in to each and every one.  You will find that with most of these hand crafted firepits that you have the option of woodburning or converting them to gas, natural gas or propane.

See some of the new unique styles from below, here are some of the key features:

  • Made with quality ¼” American steel with a rust patina finish
  • Made in the USA
  • Rain drain at the bottom of the bowl
  • Unique designs
  • Large firebowls
  • Can be converted to natural gas or propane

If you are interested in a gas or propane model when you order the gas version (as opposed to wood burning) it will come with the appropriate sized stainless steel burner with ½” steel piping and hub set up for natural gas use as well as a pan for the burner to rest on.  There is a small up charge to include the air mixer if you wish to use propane but that is also an option.

A few of the unique designs I found with our new fire pits are the Up North Fire Pit, Tree of Life, Solar Flare, Ivy Garden and more.  Be sure to browse all artistic fire pits to find your favorite.

Up North Fire PitTree of Life Fire PitIvy Garden Fire BowlHidden Angel Fire Pit

Fire Pit for Sale – Are They Worth It?

Many people are not sure whether they should buy a fire pit outdoor that is on sale because they are not sure if it is worth its price. But the thing is we are often spending more than planned because we do not know what we need and what exactly we should look for. Having previously planned and considered all the characteristics of the fire pit for sale you are looking for, is what ensures you will not be throwing money out of the window.

Basically, the best price fire pit is the one that you can afford, that will be efficient and will help you save energy and the one that fits your aesthetic and decoration style needs. When speaking about the energy saving characteristic, we must stress that in the recent years many environmentally conscious fire pit producers have developed ways in which they can help protecting the environment and the ecosystem, and these firepit models differ according to the combustion material they use, such as wood burning fire pits, electric or gas fire pits.

Before starting your search for the right fire pit for sale, you should know where you will place and use it and what style should it be. Fire pits are usually used outside the house, on the patio or deck, in the backyard or for camping trips. You need to make sure there is enough space for the fire pit and that its heating capacity will satisfy your needs. According to experts, the bigger the fire pit is, the more fire it produces. But, on the other hand, the bigger fire pit is more expensive, so you must also consider your financial possibilities. Buying a fire pit for sale is a good way to get what you need for less money.

Many retail outlets and online shopping websites have different sales offers throughout the whole year to encourage consumption, and this is a great place to start your search for fire pit for sale. They offer various sales incentives, such as free shipping and delivery, promotional coupons, discounts, etc. for you to find the best deal by comparing the fire pit for sale offers while saving time and money.