Impressing my Friends with a Tabletop Water Fountain

Last week I had some friends over. I always get nervous before they get here, will my house be nice enough for them? The last time they came over I felt bad because the place was a bit of a mess, so this time I had purchased some tabletop fountains. The water seems to dance over the stones and creates such a peaceful sound. It makes the room so much nicer for me.

check out this fountain here As the guests came in, each one seemed to notice the fountain. Making comments on how nice it looked. But of course, I thought they were just being nice, though secretly hoping they genuinely liked my water fountains. If they didn’t, at least the sound of flowing water broke up the awkward silences every now and then.
As the evening continued we spoke about a manner of topics. Though every now and then it would come back to the tabletop fountains. How they looked, where to buy them and how you pick the right one. It’s easy I explained, you just pick the one you like the most. The chances are it will fit with your style as all the other items are things you like.It amazes me really. Despite the group’s stance on the world and our conversation topics, we kept talking about these indoor fountains. I know it won’t be like this next time, but I was proud my purchase could be such a focal point. And maybe when I visit their homes I’ll see a new fountain inspired by mine.
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