Outdoor Decor Ideas For Fall

Autumn is quickly approaching as the days of summer wind down to an end.  Before you know it, it’ll be time to put all the summer patio furniture and decor away, and get ready for Fall. In honor of the upcoming season (and because it happens to be my absolute favorite,) I decided to compile this list of outdoor decor ideas for Fall.

  1. Add Fall Foliage to Your Deck. Nothing adds the festive spirit of Autumn like beautifully colored Fall foliage- orange, yellow, red and purple leaves can be hung as a wreath or garland around your deck’s railing. Faux leaves can be used in place of real ones in order to last longer. Pine cones, acorns and twigs also add a festive touch.
  2. Place Pumpkins around Your Patio. Pumpkins are perhaps the most widely recognized representation of Fall. Nothing quite says Autumn like round, orange pumpkins displayed in your outside recreational area. Add some white luminescent pumpkins for variety.
  3. Swap out Your Patio Furniture Cushions with Autumn Themed Pillows. Autumn themed pillows and cushions featuring pumpkins, scarecrows, Fall leaves and other Harvesty or Halloween things can be purchased for cheap at home and garden stores, department stores or craft stores.
  4. String Yellow, Orange or Purple Lights. These will give your patio area an elegant (or spooky) look. These are especially a great idea if you’re planning on having a Halloween or Harvest party.
  5. Strategically Place Hay, Gourds and Scarecrows Around Your Porch. These not only add ambiance, they set the mood for the season.
Your neighbors, family and friends won’t be able to help but feel festive when they see what you’ve done to your outdoor area. Celebrate the season and make your neighborhood festive by decorating your deck, patio, or porch this Fall.IMG Source: http://media-cache-lt0.pinterest.com/upload/272608583663762993_QSJgPluZ_f.jpg
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