How to Use an Outdoor Fire Bowl

Enjoying the late night summer and fall evenings outside is even better with the warmth of a fire. If you are not sure what heating source you should provide, consider the outdoor fire bowl as a great alternative for an expensive outdoor fireplace or a hard to build permanent fire pit. The fire bowl needs no installation and is very easy to use. Depending on the type, it can use wood for producing the fire, or it can be natural or propane gas type, and even gel burning one.

To be able to safely enjoy the fire of the fire bowl, you need to follow these simple tips on how to use it:

-          Each state has its own codes on home usage of fireplaces, fire pits, fire bowls and any other heating appliances. You need to make sure that the fire bowl you want is not prohibited in your living area. Clever thing to do is to consult these codes and even some experts before buying it, no matter if it is a wood burning, gas or gel fire bowl.

-          Make sure that you place your fire bowl on a clean surface and aside from leaning trees, branches or leafs. At least six feet of space around the fire bowl should be cleaned from any combustible materials.

-          If you have a wood burning fire bowl then you should use a spark screen, when the fire is lit, to protect the surrounding area from sparks that are floating out of the bowl, and to protect the fire from any flammable materials that can get into the fire bowl.

-          One of the most basic rules when using a fire is to never leave it unattended. When you are extinguishing the fire never do it with a bucket of water because this will raise a big cloud of steam and make it harder to light the fire next time. Instead, move the logs away from each other and use sand to quicker cool them down.

-          Never start the fire with accelerants such as charcoal lighter or gasoline.

-          Do not use the fire bowl in a windy area. If you must, make sure the fire bowl is protected with a windbreak.

-          Before handling the cover or the fire bowl itself make sure it is cooled down because these metal elements can get very hot when the fire bowl is being used.

-          If you have a gas fueled fire bowl you can accessorize it with some materials that you can put inside of it for better visual effects, but first make sure they are approved for this use because the wrong ones can explode or burst.

Following these simple things on how to use your fire bowl will ensure you safe evenings outside your house, together with your friends and family.

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