Outdoor Fireplace – How to Find the Best Fit

We live in a small but very beautiful house with a lovely backyard area. Since we spend much of our days outside the house we decided to redecorate this area a little bit to make it even more comfortable and appealing. One of the things we wanted to have in our new backyard was an outdoor fireplace. Fireplaces provide warmth to the whole outdoor area and make sitting outside more comfortable even in the colder days of the year. They also increase the value of the home and possibly this is one of the reasons they are that popular in the home improvement arena.

Before we started looking for our new outdoor fireplace we wanted to educate ourselves on the possibilities we have and what would be our best option to choose. If you are looking for an outdoor fireplace you will have good use of our experience and that is why I decided to share it with you.

One of the first things you need to decide is where you will place the outdoor fireplace. You need to choose its exact position so you can know what size of a fireplace you can afford. When you decide the position you also need to make sure there are no plants, draperies or some other nearby garden structures leaning over, so that there will not be a potential danger of strayed sparks causing a fire. As from what we learned, it is advised to place the outdoor fireplace at least 15 feet away from the house, and of course, quite a distance from trees, shrubs or electrical wires. Safety is very important issue and you must consider it when dealing with fire.

When considering the design of the outdoor fireplace, you would certainly need to make sure it fits the complete exterior decoration. Outdoor fireplaces tend to dominate their environment with their appearance and you would not want it to stick out from the rest of the decorating theme. There is a really wide range of different outdoor fireplace types, fire pits, patio heaters, or chimineas, electric fireplaces, fuel fireplaces, or even ethanol fireplaces, and absolutely everyone can find the one that best fits their functional and aesthetic needs. There is also a wide offer of outdoor fireplaces made of different materials, and the ones most often used include stone, cast iron, steel, copper, etc.

When you will decide these elements you will be able to start searching for the outdoor fireplace you want to have in your outdoor area. Knowing your exact options will increase your chances of buying the best outdoor fireplace for your home.

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