Clearance Sale on Outdoor Water Fountains

For many of us fall is here and temperatures are getting colder by the day, however, if you are in a warmer climate and still have the weather to allow you use your outdoor fountains or get to keep yours out all year round this is a great sale for you!

At you will find many clearance fountains for outdoors.  Some customer favorites are even on sale and sure to accent your patio or landscaping to a “T”!

The 4-Tier White Fountain with Fruit Top is perfect for an area filled with flowers, the light color will make the flowers pop and stand out even more and at 52” tall it will truly be a focal point of any lawn or garden.  The fiberglass construction makes it easy to move and disassemble if you do live in colder climates and need to take it in for the winter.  Very easy set up, simply twist it together, fill it up, plug it in and start enjoying the water sounds.  The birds will love it too!  This fountain is on sale for $399 delivered and ships the same day you order.

This is just one example of the discounted water fountains found right now at Serenity Health.  There are over 50 fountains including solar fountains, garden wall fountains, rock style and tiered styles available at great prices.  Shop the large selection of discount water fountains today, perfect for gift giving a well as your own enjoyment.

Enhance Your Gardens Outlook Using Astounding Stone Outdoor Water Fountains

There are different types of outdoor water fountains as of late as many more styles are becoming available with the incredible popularity of fountains.  However, many people prefer stone outdoor water fountains to enhance their garden due to the natural beauty offered by the granite. Besides, there are many more benefits such as less maintenance, long lasting, durable and much more. Just a granite outdoor water fountain can turn your garden into a lovely destination for spending the boring weekends in an interesting and fun filled environment. It’s not difficult to decorate your garden with a fountain; all you need is a fascinating fountain according to your expectations and budget. After getting a worthy and elegant fountain, you must identify a best place to install the fountain. Unlike other fountains, you need not protect the fountain against rain, storm and so on because granite can withstand at different climatic conditions without fading or damaging. However, the beauty of your garden depends on the type of fountain you choose, so select your outdoor fountain with patience.

You can find stone outdoor water fountains in different shapes, sizes, price and designs. If your garden is small then you can look for small and attractive fountains, if you have large garden then you can find something big and captivating. However, it’s wise to look for big fountains because you can find several unique and elegant designs in big fountains than small fountains. Rock like granite outdoor water fountains can provide a natural look for your garden. You can also add many additional decorative items to enhance the beauty of the fountain. Among all the decorative items, lightings are considered as one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of water fountains mainly during night timings. So, grab the best granite outdoor fountain for your garden and enhance the appearance of the garden which adds glow to your home.

Outdoor Water Fountains as an Essential Part of your Garden Décor

There is no denying the astoundingly gracious makeover an outstandingly designed outdoor water fountain can bring over to your garden décor, but the choice of the best water fountain for the location is important. Outdoor fountains can rise up the beauty quotient of your patio or backyard multiple times higher than it already is without one. It in fact completes the perfect garden setting. The elegance of these spectacular pieces of serenity and calm can be intensified with the choice of color, design, structure and material that suits and matches your overall home and garden themes.

The job of a pleasant water fountain decorating your outdoor living space does not just stop at being a center of attraction and an artistic symbol of elements of nature but it extends more through its various benefits on one’s body, mind and soul. It is no exaggeration when one says that the presence of a fountain makes them feel as though in paradise. That is exactly what you experience, especially when you have had a hard day at work and return back stressed out. The sight, sound and feel of the glittering droplets of water descending down an outdoor water fountain soothes all your senses and helps you forget your materialistic stress and worries. The mere presence of such a significant addition to the garden helps elevate the whole ambiance of the place and the positive energy is spread throughout the surroundings thus keeping you and the members of your family fit in both physical and mental wellness.

However, big or small outdoor space you own, you have a range of options to choose from especially from online vendors who specialize in all types of outdoor fountains and who manage to make it available to you in the most affordable prices as opposed to those present in land-based retail showrooms. You can even customize your outdoor water fountains as per your liking. So go ahead and enhance your garden settings into a multitude of blissful ambiance.

Maintenance and Management of Your Garden Water Fountains

Having an outdoor water fountain to ornament your garden is the best thing you can do to enhance the ambiance of your outdoor space. Not only does it magically transforms your dull garden into an active and energetic surrounding with a lot of movement in the form of the various animals and birds frequenting your outdoor water fountain but also it raises your temperaments and gives an instant boost to your state of mind. But of course, with something so beautiful laid on the premises of your front or backyard might enhance the glory of your house it also would probably need the quintessential attention that concerns its maintenance and cleaning.

Given that you have your own busy lifestyle if you are unable fill the fountain every other day you might want to consider purchasing some essential self cleaning products that will help to keep the water more clean in your garden fountains and aids it to steer clear of any unwanted growth in the form of algae. You are required to a keep a constant check and also use water clarifiers and other cleaning products to prolong the build-up of water plankton.

During the weekends you could always empty the fountain reservoir and clean the pumps and with the help of an old toothbrush scrape out any extra growth that might be reasons for undesired appearance or odor of any kind. Make sure that the chemicals you use to clean have natural ingredients that may not pose any health danger to the animals, birds or the kids who play around the fountain turf. When you maintain the cleanliness of the fountains on a regular basis the job takes only a little bit of your time rather than when you happen to clean the fountain after a week’s time or more when the debris that is settled gains firmer attachment to the fountain vessels.  You can also refer to the tips and advice center for complete fountain care tips.

Enhance your Garden with an Outdoor Fountain

By now you are surely enjoying the outdoors to the fullest.  Summer is close, flowers are in bloom, birds are chirping and hopefully you are finding time to relax outside.

One way to bring the relaxation piece and beautiful sounds of water into your garden is with an outdoor fountain.  Available in so many styles and sizes, you are sure to find one that fits your style, budget and outdoor decor.  An outdoor water fountain will be enjoyed by all as they are beautiful to look at and provide wonderful, soothing waterfall sounds.

Some examples of outdoor fountains are the lightweight wall fountain styles, tiered fountains or solar fountains.  All have their own advantages and all are wonderful.  The lightweight wall fountain styles for example can be hung on any wall and provide ease of cleaning, moving and filling.  They hang just like a picture and really make a very pronounced waterfall sound.  There are over 20 styles to choose from, various looks to fit your needs.

Tiered outdoor fountains are known for their detail, beauty and joyous waterfall sounds.  As water falls from tier to tier they are amazing to watch and enjoy.  You will find tiered fountains in lightweight fiberglass and cast stone materials.  Fiberglass obviously the ease of mobility where cast stone is something that will last you many, many years.

Solar powered fountains are amazingly popular and many color options are available.  The solar fountains offer the advantage of easy placement as you don’t need an outlet to plug them in.  The only disadvantage is that they only run when the sun is shining.

All outdoor fountains can be affordable.  You will be amazed at the wonderful waterfall sounds they provide and how you, your guests and the wildlife will enjoy your fountain.