Celebrate Earth Day with These Tabletop Fountains!

Published September 30th, 2012 by Claire

April 22 marks the anniversary of the first celebrated “Earth Day” in 1970. According to the official Earth Day website, it was the brainchild of a Wisconsin Senator named Gaylord Nelson. Troubled by the devastating effects of the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, Nelson decided to fuel the energy in the current anti-war movement to raise awareness of environmental protection. Environmental policies started to make their way in the national agenda. Protesters of power plants, extinction of wildlife, and oil spills started to ban together on a unified front to get legislation passed to protect our environment. And after the first national “Earth Day” was celebrated, the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species Acts were passed.

Earth Day does a lot to remind us each year of our responsibility for keeping our habitat healthy as well as pursuing options in clean energy. Here are three tabletop fountains which, while being beautiful, will serve as a constant reminder of our part in what Earth Day stands for:

Rustic Tree Waterfall Tabletop Fountain- Modeling an old, weathered tree, water spills from the top and twirls down the center view, collecting in the pool below. The LED lighting gives this fountain a mystical look and has an overall organic style to it.

Waterfall Log Tabletop Fountain- This one has a horizontal, zig zag water flow through the fountain. Again, mimicking the look of an old forest log, water streams through the crevices into the hallowed log below. Also fitted with LED lighting, you can enjoy the fountain at night as well.

Cascading Waterfall Tabletop Fountain- Embodying a mini stone waterfall look, water trickles across the rock creating soothing water sounds. The LED light gives the flowing water a mesmerizing look.

Organic in design and soothing in style, these three fountain symbolize the natural beauty Earth Day was created to protect. To view more detail of these tabletop fountains, click here.















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Product Spotlight: Hand Crafted Ceramic Tabletop Fountains

Published September 27th, 2012 by Kristina

Some of our favorite tabletop fountains are these hand crafted Made in the USA ceramic tabletop styles.  With so many fountains to choose it is sometimes nice to find something that you know will look great in any space and will be unique.  One of the many benefits of a water fountain made right here in the US.  Sure, you pay a bit more for the hard work and many hours that go into each one but is it worth it?  That is for you to decide but we wanted to show you a few of our favorites and explain the process of how each and every one is made.  Clay artisan Tim Miller explains his process as this (note, this is a simplified version)

  1. Sketches out ideas and works through what is a yes and a no
  2. Design and sculpting begin to work out things such as design elements like fountain style, size, aesthetics, water flow and scale are tested and incorporated.
  3. Once a prototype is created the plaster molds are made for each part of the fountain.
  4. Liquid clay “slip” is poured into each part of the mold, this gets absorbed and dried in about 25 minutes then poured out and allowed to dry for about an hour.
  5. Later removed from the mold and set aside to dry.  The fountain bowl is then leveled and and allowed to cure for before cleaning.
  6. The ceramic water fountain is now dry and ready to clean. All mold lines are carefully cleaned with a razor sharp knife. The fountain is then sponged with water and made smooth… then set aside to dry. It is very time consuming and dirty.
  7. A textured clay is then applied and goes into the oven to dry for the first time.
  8. They then go into a kiln at over 1800 degrees to cook for over 8 hours and then a day to cool.
  9. It is then sanded and cleaned and ready for a glaze to be applied.  3 layers of glaze are applied
  10. Goes into the Kiln for a second firing.

As you can see, even the shortest version is a lot of work!  Now, let’s look at some of Tim’s beautiful ceramic fountains, with over 22 years of experience, you are sure to get quality in every piece!

Mini Bowl Table Fountain has been a best seller.  The jug is a real plus, you can almost envision what it sounds like by just looking at it.  Perfect for an end table for some soft, soothing sounds as you relax after a long day or on your desk to keep you calm as you work.  Many glaze options available.

Gaia Orb Ceramic Tabletop Fountain: A personal favorite, I love the open side on this and the rock pond that follows.  Again, available in several different glazes, you are sure to find one that accents or “pops” with your style.



The Mini Orb Fountain is our customers favorite this past year and you have to agree, pretty cool looking little fountain!  Anything with the word “orb” is always a hit.  I just love this fountain in the river stone color that is shown as well as the speckled blue to really be unique.  This little tabletop style also makes a great gift that is sure to be unique.


Enjoy shopping these beautiful Made in the USA ceramic fountains and pick your favorite!

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Product Spotlight: Flores Cast Stone Tabletop Fountain

Published September 25th, 2012 by Claire

This fountain gets its name from the Portuguese word for “flowers.” It is also the name of an island arc off the coast of Indonesia, where large and vibrant flora can be found. Taking this into consideration, this table top fountain features a stylized flower bowl. Water bubbles up from the lustrous centerpiece and pools in the concave flower bowl until it overflows into the round basin below. The textured flower bowl gives the water a unique look and sound as it bubbles up. The electric pump recirculates water through the fountain continuously, making this an easy fountain to maintain.

Though with the look of real stone, unlike natural stone, this fountain is offered in your choice of several patinas. All soft, earthy tones, it gives you the opportunity to find the perfect hue for your indoor or outdoor room. The Flores Cast Stone Tabletop Fountain is rated for indoor or outdoor use, and its cast stone construction makes it incredibly durable outdoors in harsh weather conditions.

It makes for a nice accent to your planter stand. If you have a tiered stand, you can place your planters on the upper and lower levels and then have this fountain on the middle level. That way, you can easily conceal the electrical cord of the fountain while adding a different element of beauty to your planter corner. Enjoy the beauty of flowers and water as well as the relaxing sound of bubbling water and the pleasant fragrance of the plants. Or put it on an end table on your patio or on a shelf in your office. This is a very versatile tabletop which you can enjoy anywhere you want to relax.

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Feel Perfectly Rested with Nature Sounds Alarm Clocks

Published September 23rd, 2012 by Kristina

Waking up in the morning is not an easy thing to do, at least for most of the people. Most of us really hate that they need to be up on their feet at a certain time of the day, getting ready for school or work, or any other activity they need to finish. But this is the reality that we need to cope with. Thus, we have all developed certain techniques to ease our start of the day. The nature sounds alarm sound oasis sound therapy system and alarmclock is mine.

Since I found out that these nature sounds alarm clocks exist on the market my mornings have changed completely. Before I was grumpy, bad tempered, moving around the house with my coffee in my hands and not wanting to talk to anyone until I completely open my eyes, which sometimes took more than an hour, so you could say that I was almost at work when I could say that I am fully awaken. Without mentioning how hazardous this can be, I will only focus on the consequences this had on my mood throughout the day making me feel tired and not well concentrated on the things I do, and sometimes I even had big headaches because of the lack of good sleep.

Thanks to the nature sounds alarm clock I am now able to fall asleep and wake up in the morning much healthier and well rested. These nature alarm clocks use the beautiful and relaxing sounds of the nature to prepare you for a good night sleep in the evenings and gently wake you up in the morning. Most of the nature sounds alarm clocks also feature a special light system that imitates the sunset and the dawn by gradually decreasing and increasing the light inside the sleeping room, slowly preparing your body and mind for sleeping or waking up.

There is no healthier way for the body and mind to prepare for the day ahead than with these natural sounds alarm clocks. I now recommend them to everyone.   Shop nature alarm clocks today.

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Create a Relaxing Atmosphere with a Custom Water Fountain

Published September 21st, 2012 by Kristina

Fountains add a relaxing atmosphere to any space both at home, office or any business. In today’s times of smart phones, tablets, email and Facebook people are always connected so it can be a very stressful and not so relaxing time.  A time we have to really work hard to relax and learn how to relieve stress.  You will be amazed at how the sounds of a water fountain can instantly calm the nerves and relax the mind and body and truly making you not want to do much of anything except your much needed relaxation!  Businesses with waiting areas or professions that see clients and patients on site are also looking for ways to make a customer feel calm, welcome and instantly not want to leave!  What better way to do this than invest in a water fountain?

It does not have to be a large fountain as there are smaller wall hanging models as well as some very attractive tabletop fountain styles that are sure to get noticed and will truly be pleasing to the eye.  Although, you can go big and go custom with a company logo and all if you wish.  If you want to impress and have a noticeable art piece a custom fountain may be the choice for you.  Not only will it do all the above for your clients, it will also advertise for you and get people talking.  Depending on the space you have you can do floor standing models or wall fountains that virtually take up no space.  There are many stock sizes of each or you can go with a custom size if you have a niche area you are looking to fill.

At WaterFountainPlace.com we look forward to working with you to find the perfect water feature for home or office.  Don’t hesitate, call us today or start by browsing some custom fountains samples.

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