The Perfect Way to Relax

Sometimes you just want to kickback and observe the outdoors or to close your eyes and put all the stress of the day and life in general out of your mind; to forget all your troubles and do absolutely nothing; to achieve a lazy man’s or woman’s paradise so to speak.  A prefect way to do so, and I believe my two favorite cartoon characters Homer Simpson and Garfield the cat (epitomes of indolence) would agree, is to lie idly in comfortable and convenient hammocks. You can soak the warm rays of the balmy sun or enjoy the cool shade of green trees depending on where you set-up the hammock; you can lie beneath the open sky at night and become awestruck at the marvels of the stars; you can sleep or pick up an exciting book to read; you can do so much, and there’s always room for two or more so you can enjoy togetherness at all times.

I’m the kind of person who dislikes camping, but somehow I always manage to allow myself to be persuaded to tag along with my friends when they go adventuring in the great outdoors. However, my agony was assuaged when a good friend of mine brought a pair of camping hammocks to our most recent trip. I quickly discarded my tent and usurped one of those handwoven hammocks from her and spent the entire trip perched in between two giant trees. Yes, I am that in love with hammocks.

Considering my fondness for these amazing outcomes of human intelligence, it came as no surprise when my parents gifted me a comfy and beautiful hammock chair for my birthday. Now, almost every activity of mine takes place while sitting in my new hammock: I can watch television, work on my laptop, study, listen to music and even socialize in it when a friend or family visits. I suggest that anyone who has yet to experience the joy of a hammock to put laziness on hold for a while and go buy one immediately.

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