Relaxation Tips

At Serenity Health, we’re proud to bring you the best products to help you relax, from water fountains to bean bags to wind chimes.  We have it all!  To help you get the most out of your bean bag or water fountain, here are some relaxation tips.

  • Reduce your noise level It’s surprising just how loud the world around us is.  The constant noise of traffic and of ringing phones really takes a toll on us.  Block out or cover up annoying noises with soothing ones.  White noise, running water from a fountain, relaxing music.  Choose something pleasing to your ears.
  • Pamper your nose Scents have a very powerful effect on us, from bringing back memories to clearing your stuffy nose.  Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants to promote mental and physical wellness.  They can be chosen to treat specific problems or simply to promote a calming environment.  Candles are also effective at covering up odors and promoting your relaxation.  The beautiful light they give off is another great reason to use candles.
  • Put your feet up Many of us sit in an office chair all day, or spend a lot of time on our feet.  At home, give yourself a gift.  Find a comfortable chair, bean bag, or hammock to sit or lie in.  One that cushions you or conforms to your body is a great way to relax.  Hammocks make great beds as well, as they distribute your weight more evenly, relieving excess pressure on the sensitive pressure points on your body.  They’re even better to sleep on that a mattress!  Whatever you choose, it should be comfortable and a place you want to spend time in.
  • Personalize your space It’s hard to relax in a place you’re not at home in or don’t think of as your own.  Adding some of your style to your desk at work is one way to personalize that space and make it easier to be more relaxed in.  At home, express your style!  Pick your favorite colors, scents, and objects.  Find pieces that speak to you.  Make your space your own, and you’ll find it much easier to reap the full benefits of owning relaxation products like water fountains and bean bags.
  • Share with others If you’re looking to relax, do it with friends and family!  Spending time with loved ones is a great way to de-stress and unwind from a busy schedule.  Take a walk, catch a movie, or just hang out at home or in the garden!  If you have a water fountain at home, invite others to come join you by it.  They’ll benefit from it too, and you’ll enjoy sharing your wealth of relaxation with others.
  • Animals Our pets and wild animals play important roles in our lives.  The benefits of having a pet are well known, and they provide us with unconditional affection.  Help them to relax too with quality pet beds and maybe even their own water fountain to drink out of (pets love running water!).  For the wild birds in your life, bring them to your backyard with a bird feeder or bird bath.  Bird watching is a great way to relax and an activity to share with others.

Make relaxation and stress relief part of your life.  You’ll soon notice a change in your life, and others will too!  Encourage them to explore all the benefits of water fountain, bean bags, and other great relaxation products from Serenity Health.  Enjoy it!

Spring is Coming: Shop Now for Your Outdoor Favorites

Warmer weather is fast approaching and most of us are more than ready for it!  At we have been adding products all winter to gear up for spring so we have much more to offer this year that ever before.  If you like to spend time outdoors you will find many must haves for the upcoming season.  Many products that bring character and beauty to your outdoor spaces and help you create a place to escape and unwind each and every day.

Some of the new, expanded products include fireplaces, patio furniture, outdoor grills, many more hammocks, solar lighting, new solar fountain colors, many new lightweight outdoor fountains, an ever expanding selection of firepots and much more!  Relax in a handwoven hammock by your solar fountain or simply kick back in front of your fire pit in a new adirondack chair, whatever your style there is something for you!

Be sure to check out our information section as well and find many great articles on outdoor living and interior design as well as tips in our Tips and Advice Center.  Although you can find all of our products at you will also see we have 3 specialty websites,, and our latest,

We look forward to hearing your questions and feedback, happy Spring and enjoy browsing!

Simple, Stress Relieving Activities

Stress is and has been a part of everyone’s lives but the level of stress has intensified with the passing of time. This could be due to the overall work stress or family responsibilities and the huge competition between mankind to ace the rat race of getting ahead with so many things.   Stress presents itself in various ways as does the ways we cope with stress.  Relaxing amidst a stressful environment is a challenge that can be executed successfully by some tried and true methods of natural origin.

Stress relieving activities are rather common when it comes to accommodating inexpensive and highly effective ways of handling stress with the use of products that are readily available for personal use. Alternatively, you have expensive counterparts of stress relievers which may encompass activities like consulting a massage therapist, a spa treatment, an overseas vacation and so on.

So coming back to more realistic and practical stress relieving activities that are sure to soothe your mind and soul and of course the body would be the following inexpensive methods:

  • Water Fountains
  • Wind Chimes
  • Soothing Music
  • Fresh fragrances in the form of scented oils and incense sticks or fragrant candles.
  • Yoga
  • Hammocks
  • CD compilation of soothing sounds of the ocean, forest and other elements of nature
  • Fire pits used during a cold chilly night
  • Eye Pillows and Ergo beds
  • Hand exerciser and stress ball
  • Guided Imagery
  • Meditation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Hot bath tub
  • Adequate sleep in a clean bedroom atmosphere
  • Hanging out with friends
  • An at-home massage

5 Unique Gift Ideas Under $50

We all struggle each year to find the perfect gift.  One that is not the same every year, something unique that will bring someone surprise and joy and one that is affordable.  Each week from now until the Holiday we will provide 5 new gift ideas, unique gifts that can ship fast and that you won’t find in every retail store you go in to.

This week our 5 gift ideas are new products we have added over the last couple months, ones we very excited about.  They are sure to bring beauty, joy and a sense of relaxation to anyone lucky enough to have them!

Natural Pagoda Relaxation Fountain – Give the gift of serenity and beauty with this new tiered tabletop fountain.  Featuring an electric pump, faux slate and stones and nice water sounds to soothe and relax you will find a great value gift on sale now for $26.96 plus shipping.  Buy your Natural Pagoda Tabletop Fountain today. Natural Pagoda Fountain

Silver Maple Illuminated Table Fountain – Another new tabletop fountain available for the season, this fountain features a soft light and tiered nickle colored tiers that water flows down.  The base features a natural wood grain look bringing a nature feel indoors.  The perfect gift idea delivered right to your door for under $35.  Buy your Silver Maple Tabletop  Fountain toady.

Convertible Wonder Pillow – The new Wonder Pillow is perfect for the person that likes to relax in the luxurious feel and scents of aromatherapy.  It is also the perfect travel companion if you are looking for a gift for the traveler on your list.  Filled with natural buckwheat hull this comfy pillow converts from a rectangle to a neck cradling crescent.  Buy your Wonder Pillow today and check someone off your shopping list!

Wave Action FirepotWave Action Fire Pot – One of many new styles of fire pots and firelites, these truly are the perfect gift idea.  Fire pots can be burned indoors with the smokeless, ashless fuel gel and are the perfect centerpiece for any table.  The Wave Action Fire Pot is already a great seller and is available in 2 colors.  Great gift under $40.  See the Wave Action Fire Pot today.

Sound Spa Nature Sound Alarm Clock – Give the gift of calm, relaxing wake ups with this projection alarm clock with soothing nature sounds.  It has been medically proven that a calm, relaxed wake up makes for a more relaxed day, one without the irritation of waking up to a blaring alarm clock or annoying beep.  This clock is truly perfect for anyone as we all need an alarm clock most days.  Just one of many nature clocks available. Gift a Sound Spa Nature Clock today!

Get a jump start to your holiday shopping with these gift ideas or check out for thousands of others!

Products for Relaxation: Because You’re Worth It

Stress has become a part of life for almost everyone from children to adults. Stress comes in many ways due to the rising pressure of increasing competition to be successful. There is not a whole lot one can do to completely avoid stress, however, it can be managed well with the right medium of relaxation.   Most people are in dire need of some various soothing methods. It is quite easy to get a massage done or a stress therapy done from professionals but with the rising cost of living it is only wise to think of something more economical and something that we can gain unlimited inexpensive access to.

There are a variety of products available in the market today that act as efficient stress busters and most of them are integrated with natural elements like air, water and even fire. It is nature that does an excellent job of soothing our minds and bodies. Our body works well in tandem with nature. Healing done with nature’s age-old principles works best to relieve us from our daily stress and strains.

Products of relaxation can take the form of water fountains – both indoor and outdoor, wind chimes, wind spinners, essential massage oils, fire pits and chimineas, hammocks and bean bags, alarm clocks with natural sounds and so on. All these products have significance in both decorating the house as well as spreading healing therapies in the form of sound, smell, touch or sight. So don’t wait any longer to pamper yourself with these stress relief and relaxation products at the comfort of your home and give your body the perfect empowerment each and every day.