Relaxation Tips

At Serenity Health, we’re proud to bring you the best products to help you relax, from water fountains to bean bags to wind chimes.  We have it all!  To help you get the most out of your bean bag or water fountain, here are some relaxation tips.

  • Reduce your noise level It’s surprising just how loud the world around us is.  The constant noise of traffic and of ringing phones really takes a toll on us.  Block out or cover up annoying noises with soothing ones.  White noise, running water from a fountain, relaxing music.  Choose something pleasing to your ears.
  • Pamper your nose Scents have a very powerful effect on us, from bringing back memories to clearing your stuffy nose.  Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants to promote mental and physical wellness.  They can be chosen to treat specific problems or simply to promote a calming environment.  Candles are also effective at covering up odors and promoting your relaxation.  The beautiful light they give off is another great reason to use candles.
  • Put your feet up Many of us sit in an office chair all day, or spend a lot of time on our feet.  At home, give yourself a gift.  Find a comfortable chair, bean bag, or hammock to sit or lie in.  One that cushions you or conforms to your body is a great way to relax.  Hammocks make great beds as well, as they distribute your weight more evenly, relieving excess pressure on the sensitive pressure points on your body.  They’re even better to sleep on that a mattress!  Whatever you choose, it should be comfortable and a place you want to spend time in.
  • Personalize your space It’s hard to relax in a place you’re not at home in or don’t think of as your own.  Adding some of your style to your desk at work is one way to personalize that space and make it easier to be more relaxed in.  At home, express your style!  Pick your favorite colors, scents, and objects.  Find pieces that speak to you.  Make your space your own, and you’ll find it much easier to reap the full benefits of owning relaxation products like water fountains and bean bags.
  • Share with others If you’re looking to relax, do it with friends and family!  Spending time with loved ones is a great way to de-stress and unwind from a busy schedule.  Take a walk, catch a movie, or just hang out at home or in the garden!  If you have a water fountain at home, invite others to come join you by it.  They’ll benefit from it too, and you’ll enjoy sharing your wealth of relaxation with others.
  • Animals Our pets and wild animals play important roles in our lives.  The benefits of having a pet are well known, and they provide us with unconditional affection.  Help them to relax too with quality pet beds and maybe even their own water fountain to drink out of (pets love running water!).  For the wild birds in your life, bring them to your backyard with a bird feeder or bird bath.  Bird watching is a great way to relax and an activity to share with others.

Make relaxation and stress relief part of your life.  You’ll soon notice a change in your life, and others will too!  Encourage them to explore all the benefits of water fountain, bean bags, and other great relaxation products from Serenity Health.  Enjoy it!

5 Tips For Relaxing

The world gets the best of all of us at some time or another. Whether it’s work, family or health issues, stress catches up with us and can nearly drive us over the edge. To avoid flipping out due to stress, here are five tips for making your home environment relaxing, giving you a safe haven to withdraw to when the world gets rough.

1. Hang wind spinners and wind chimes in your yard. These are not only aesthetically pleasing, the soft tinkling sound they make when blowing in the wind is a noise that many people find familiar and relaxing. Wind chimes invokes memories of cool evenings sitting out in the yard under a shade tree, sipping a cold, refreshing glass of iced tea or lemonade. For some people, the music they make brings back memories of their childhood, which also helps them relax.

2. Stretch out in a hammock. Ahh, there is nothing as relaxing as laying stretched out in a hammock between two trees on a warm day. Hammocks come in a variety of styles, from rope hammocks, quilt hammocks, swing hammocks and even hammock chairs. Whichever one is the most comfortable is the one you’ll want to go with- it’s virtually impossible to relax if you’re not comfortable!

3. Put in a bird bath. You’d be surprised how relaxing a bird bath in the yard can be. You’ll enjoy lounging outside while our feathered friends splash in the bath you set up just for them. Bird baths are also a beautiful addition to a yard, as well as a traditional piece of yard decoration.

4. Install a fountain or waterfall. The sound of running water is extremely relaxing, as well as visually stimulating. Whether you have room (and the funds) to install a large outdoors fountain or waterfall, or if you’d prefer to merely get a small tabletop fountain, these items are fantastic at setting a relaxing atmosphere.

5. Enjoy an evening around the fire pit. If you don’t already have a fire pit on your property, consider installing one. If you already have one, good for you. Spending an evening sitting close to a nice, toasty fire and stargazing is very relaxing. You’ll want to stay next to your fire pit all the time!

These are just a few ideas to help you set up a safe, relaxing sanctuary where you can withdraw from the world to unwind when life gets tough. A good old fashioned neck and back massage works, too.