Solar Powered Garden Fountains

Water fountains are available in different varieties, of them solar water fountains play a large role. In today’s environment when power consumption is more costly and its scarcity is increasing the thought of solar really appeals to people.   As the name implies solar fountains draw their source from the sun. By choosing a solar water fountain over a standard traditional fountain you can save money on the fountain price and the energy bill. Solar powered fountains run on free energy generated by the sun. In some models, the solar panel stores the energy absorbed from the sun in a battery for continued usage during, day and night. Solar water fountains are not only environmentally friendly, but also add elegance and luxury to the outdoor or garden area you place them.

Setting up a solar fountain is very easy. The only thing you have to do is find a sunny place for the solar panel.  Solar water fountains come in many types.

Types of solar water fountains:

  • Ceramic solar water fountains
  • Two tier solar water fountains
  • Solar birdbaths
  • Pond solar fountains

Ceramic solar water fountain last for a long time provided they are cared for. In two tier solar water fountain a powerful solar panel is located at the top of the pump for optimum water pump 2-Tier Solar on Demand Fountainperformance. The soothing sound and the bubbling water attract birds. The Terracotta Cascade solar fountain can be used outdoors without any electricity with the solar panel and solar pump technology. Power is supplied to the fountain from natural outdoor sun and light. Pond solar fountains are used individually or used with water garden. They contain a separate solar panel along with a separate solar head that jets water into the air. Flowers and leaves add beauty to our garden. But a garden is incomplete without butterflies and birds. Solar water fountains can attract birds and butterflies with the beautiful moving water.