Solar Powered Garden Fountains

Water fountains are available in different varieties, of them solar water fountains play a large role. In today’s environment when power consumption is more costly and its scarcity is increasing the thought of solar really appeals to people.   As the name implies solar fountains draw their source from the sun. By choosing a solar water fountain over a standard traditional fountain you can save money on the fountain price and the energy bill. Solar powered fountains run on free energy generated by the sun. In some models, the solar panel stores the energy absorbed from the sun in a battery for continued usage during, day and night. Solar water fountains are not only environmentally friendly, but also add elegance and luxury to the outdoor or garden area you place them.

Setting up a solar fountain is very easy. The only thing you have to do is find a sunny place for the solar panel.  Solar water fountains come in many types.

Types of solar water fountains:

  • Ceramic solar water fountains
  • Two tier solar water fountains
  • Solar birdbaths
  • Pond solar fountains

Ceramic solar water fountain last for a long time provided they are cared for. In two tier solar water fountain a powerful solar panel is located at the top of the pump for optimum water pump 2-Tier Solar on Demand Fountainperformance. The soothing sound and the bubbling water attract birds. The Terracotta Cascade solar fountain can be used outdoors without any electricity with the solar panel and solar pump technology. Power is supplied to the fountain from natural outdoor sun and light. Pond solar fountains are used individually or used with water garden. They contain a separate solar panel along with a separate solar head that jets water into the air. Flowers and leaves add beauty to our garden. But a garden is incomplete without butterflies and birds. Solar water fountains can attract birds and butterflies with the beautiful moving water.

Solar Water Fountains: An Eco Friendly Way to Decorate your Garden

Solar water fountains are one of the best ways to decorate your garden and outside yard without electricity. Most of the solar fountains are easy to install and can be placed anywhere in the garden as it doesn’t require any wire connect. You will also save more money on electric bills as it doesn’t need electric power and are eco friendly in nature. As they are run by solar power it has the potential to attract pets and wildlife.

Solar water fountains are becoming more popular as they are environmentally friendly and grasp the attention of pets and birds easily.  Birds are fond of water and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of birds drinking and bathing in the fountain. Solar fountains are usually made from ceramic materials and come in different shapes and color to suite your garden.

If you are a regular bird watcher, then place the solar fountain far away from windows as birds get scared of even the smallest of sound and you could miss your welcome visitor. Taller fountains or positioning the fountain at a reasonable height can keep off predators like cats, foxes, dogs etc and it also provides the birds a good vantage point to fly off during times of danger. Solar fountains must be positioned in such a way that it receives maximum or direct light from the sun to power it.  Solar fountains are the best type of water fountains for the people who love to mingle with nature and don’t have the outlet option outdoors.

Introducing More Green Friendly Products – Solar Water Fountains

Solar water fountains have been around now for several years.  As we try to become more economically friendly and try to find green products more and more products become available.  At we are excited to announce the arrival of some new solar fountains and solar birdbaths to add to the line of green friendly products.

Solar water fountains offer beautiful garden fountain options for your outdoor living spaces without the cords, electricity or operating costs.  The solar pump technology for fountains is such that with each fountain you get a solar panel and a pump.  The pump sits in the fountain and connects to the solar panel.  There is a 10 foot cable so you can place the solar panel in the best position for optimal sun exposure.  The solar panel can be staked in to the ground or mounted on a wall or deck.  All hardware comes with the solar fountain.  There are many varieties of solar water fountains, many colors and styles.  Find one that fits on your patio, deck or among your gardens today.

The solar birdbaths have the solar panel right in the top most tier of the birdbath.  The birds love the moving water and it keeps the mosquitoes away by having the water moving.  The solar birdbaths come in many different colors and styles.  You are sure to find one that fits your outdoor living spaces perfectly.

Solar fountains are wonderful products for buying green and they are environmentally friendly.  They also provide very soothing water sounds for you to relax to as you unwind each day.  Typically, most solar fountains or birdbaths don’t store solar energy so they run when the sun is out, however, even when they are not running, they still provide beauty and the birds can still bathe!  Try a solar fountain today, you will feel good about your “green friendly” purchase and will really enjoy the fountain.