3 Tabletop Fountains for an Eclectic Interior Style

I think “Eclectic” is one of the most fun room styles to have. It encompasses a hodgepodge of period furnishings, giving your creative tastes a wide variety of options. The color scheme includes my three favorite colors: gold, brown, and red. A very rich palette, the room fabrics include patterns, trims, fringe, and velvet textures. Lustrous bronze lamps, gold trim mirrors, red velvet loveseats, and tasseled floor rugs define an eclectic room. The overall effect is majestic. This is my favorite interior decorating style hands down.

So, for those eclectic fans who are looking to accent their room with a soothing fountain, here are three table top fountains which will complement the room flawlessly.

Boulder Crystal Tabletop Water Fountain

With dark slate stair step design, the base comes either in a flamed copper finish or deep mocha brown–either of these hues fit the eclectic palette perfectly. Water bubbles up from the top and cascades down each level creating a soft, flowing water sound. Handcrafted in the United States and fitted with a quiet, recirculating electric pump, this is a bold complement to your room.

Red Ceramic Tabletop Fountain

Embodying the vibrant red hues of the room, the ceramic design makes the surface smooth and glossy. In scrolling font, the mantra “Live, Laugh, Love” is imprinted in the face of the fountain. Fashioned in a vase style, the soothing water sounds are amplified in a room, giving you peace of mind.

Garden Leaves Table Fountain

This fountain captures the golden, lustrous highlights of an eclectic room. The leaves are formed from a faux copper material, ensuring that shiny glow for a long time, and the light, earthy poly-resin basin serves to accentuate the copper leaves. In a pretty uniform style, this fountain will fit with innumerable period furnishings, and with the timeless golden autumn design, the tabletop fountain will continue to adorn your room even if in the future you decided to change to a Contemporary or Asian styled room.


Four Uses for Tabletop Water Fountains

Table fountains are relatively recent options for home and business decoration. Even though they’ve actually been around for a while, interior design is an old and (dare we say it?) somewhat conservative field at times, and not everyone thinks of adding a tabletop water fountain (see pictures in the link) to their interior design arsenal.

The big advantages behind tabletop fountains are cost-effectiveness and easy installation. Most are inexpensive (many fountains are under $100) and they’re as simple to put in as any other household appliance. With these facts in mind, check out what you can do with a table top fountain.

Tabletop Fountains as Business Decor

Small businesses usually have modest office spaces: a central set of cubicles, a meeting room and maybe an office or two. This can create a real challenge when you want to give some of that space an elegant look for meetings with clients. A tabletop fountain makes a convenient bit of décor in a boardroom or executive office. It not only has visual impact, but its sound clearly separates meeting times from ambient office chatter.

Fountains Instead of Fish

I don’t know how many of you have children but it seems like every kid goes through a phase where they want to keep fish! Unfortunately, fish are easy to forget or overfeed so they usually end up being the parents’ responsibility. “Big kids” like you and me also get the urge to keep fish from time to time, but the truth is that most of us just want an interesting, dynamic feature in our immediate living space. A table water fountain is a great solution. Check out this koi tabletop fountain and its fish design.

A Tabletop Fountain for a Miniature Greenhouse

If you live in an urban center you know that scaling down is the name of the game. You may have the income to do a lot of decorating but the fact is that if you treated a small home or condo like a larger space your place would just get overstuffed. For example, you might want a greenhouse but can’t really devote more than one window to hanging plants. Add a tabletop fountain to not only bring moisture to the area, but to give yourself the ambiance of a full greenhouse space, reduced down to space you can handle.

Seasonal Decoration

A table top fountain isn’t just for your living room or office! In a warm climate it’s a great way to add interest to a porch or screened-in sunroom. The big advantage her is portability; when the weather cools down you can bring the table fountain inside and even use it indoors for the rest of the year.