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Here at WaterFountainsandRelaxation.com, we strive to provide our readers with the best advice from experts all over the world. To do this, we enlist hundreds of authors & professionals that all have different points of view on subjects pertaining to our favorite subjects. If you feel like you could contribute with an interesting story, piece of expert advice, opinions on current events, or something similar and you have been published either on another blog or website, please fill out the form below.

Guest post specifications…

Of course, for quality purposes, we must be choosy with the content we decide to publish on our blog. This is why we have simple yet important guidelines to follow when writing for us.

  1. Blog posts must relate to stress free living or outdoor decor somehow
  2. Posts must be between 500-800 words and include headings (where applicable)
  3. Posts will be submitted via email
  4. Posts may be rejected for any reason
  5. Author will be allowed one do-follow link to a trusted website of the author’s choosing in the author bio section of the blog post (if site does not comply with Google’s quality guidelines, the link will be rejected)

Currently we are in the process of moving this blog, so if you are interested in writing for us please go to serenityhealth.com/blog/write-for-us/ and fill out the form there.

Thank you